Tired of pulling your shirt or adjusting your shorts at the gym? Make sure you feel comfortable and confident in every pose by knowing what to wear to the gym with the help of Be Activewear, a leading online store for Australian activewear. Learn more from Be Active’s gym fashion specialists as they unravel their top recommendations.

After giving it your all in the gym, you’ll feel worked to your limits — but don’t forget that what you wear can make a difference! Your choice of workout clothes plays an important role in enjoying exercise and pushing through fatigue. Consider fabric type and activity-specific style for maximum comfort during sweat sessions.

Get the most out of your workout with sports attire specially designed for specific fitness goals – finding the right gear can make a difference. Take some time to consider which exercises you’ll be doing, then create an outfit tailored to that activity and let the sweat commence!

Expert Tips on What To Wear To The Gym

If you’re unsure about what to wear to the gym, consider the following general tips on choosing the right gym clothes.

Only Select “Workhorse” Fabric, and No Cotton Allowed

Exercise is demanding and requires a great amount of effort. Make sure you maximize your workout routine by wearing the right clothes! 

Choose appropriate fabrics that provide optimal comfort and activity-specific styles designed with performance in mind so you can power through fatigue without compromising style or safety.

Choose a light fabric that allows for ventilation when it comes to the perfect workout outfit. Moisture-wicking materials such as polyester are ideal for helping draw sweat away from your body without feeling weighed down or uncomfortable. 

Cotton apparel is not an ideal choice for physical activity due to its tendency to trap perspiration against the body, resulting in a feeling of heaviness and dampness.

Furthermore, ensure any clothing you wear fits securely—loose garments can create safety risks if caught on exercise equipment.

Upgrade your wardrobe with layering pieces made of moisture-wicking materials like dry-fit, keeping you comfortable and fresh.

Avoid “SHORT” Shorts

Men should carefully consider the shorts they wear to the gym to ensure optimal comfort and coverage while exercising. A tighter fit is recommended for more intense activities – such as lunges, deadlifts or squats—to avoid unexpected exposure. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something suitable for cardio-heavy routines with jumping involved, opt instead for loose-fitting bottoms that come complete with compression lining.

Opt For Snug Shoes

Your gym ensemble choices matter! The wrong pair of shoes can cause a misbalance or, worse yet, an injury. Choose wisely and equip yourself with supportive sneakers to get the most out of your workout without any risks.

Finding the right fit for your running shoes is essential to having a comfortable run. When selecting your pair, aim for snugness without tightness and leave space between the end of the shoe and the longest toe.

Sports Bras Make a Difference

A sports bra is an essential piece of workout gear for women. Not only does it offer comfort and support, but wearing one can also protect against possible injury. When shopping around, ensure the fit isn’t too tight, or there won’t be enough breathability. 

Make sure armholes, straps, and seams do not chafe the skin. The same goes for snaps & hooks if present – while ensuring that shoulder strap pressure is minimal & cup fabric remains smooth.


If you enjoy exercising outdoors or participating in seasonal sports, what you wear should be appropriate for the current season. Seasonality can be a key factor in choosing functional exercise gear and apparel. Considerations like temperature and outdoor terrain should become apparent when equipping yourself with any physical activity. 

In the warmer months, selecting lightweight, breathable fabrics that allow your skin to remain cool is important. With comfortable apparel choices like these, you can stay active without worrying about sweat-induced discomfort – perfect for enjoying summer days with ease.

When braving the cold outdoors for physical activity, dressing appropriately is essential. Wear multiple layers of clothing that you can adjust as your body temperature rises during exercise. Keep a sweat-wicking base layer and an insulating middle one.

Tip: Gym Essentials Unleash Your Potential

Making your first visit to the gym can be an intimidating experience, especially regarding what to wear. Questions such as “What should I wear with leggings?”, “What to wear to the gym?” or “Is this gym-appropriate?” plague many in pursuing a healthy lifestyle. 

When it comes to living a fulfilling life, health should not be ignored. As the popular saying goes, “Health is Wealth”. Consider these important tips when shopping for your workout gear: find comfortable pieces made from breathable materials, and provide flexible support. 

Furthermore, consistency with your workout routine and knowing what to wear to the gym are key to staying in shape and reaching desired results. With discipline and effort as your sidekicks, you’re well on your way to becoming unhealthy in both body and spirit! Good luck!

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