What To Wear To The Beach

Planning an outfit to wear on the beach may be time-consuming, especially if you want to capture beautiful images to post on social media. These outfits can also be challenging to choose and match if you want to enjoy the moment while looking good and ready for that tan. Whatever the reason for your beach vacation, it’s essential to look and feel good while taking in the sun with the sand beneath your feet and the sounds of the waves crashing. 

That said, here is a complete guide that you can consider when selecting a beach outfit:

Type Of Beachwear

The first thing to consider is what kind of beachwear you’ll be wearing. There are several possible options that you can choose depending on your personal preference:

  • Long Dresses

If you’re opting for an outfit that looks stylish and elegant, a long, flowy dress that falls to the ankles – also known as a maxi dress – can be a perfect option. It is an informal yet sophisticated look with a form-fitting top and a loose, flowing bottom.  

You can pair them with any sandals or even heels. This outfit is breezy and effortless but can protect you from the sun’s heat, giving you a fair, balanced glow. Consider a floral maxi dress next time you attend an event on the beach.

  • Sundress

Sundresses are a great option if you’re going for an informal yet chic look at the beach. They are loose-fitting, lightweight dresses and usually fall just above the knee length. Sundresses are typically sleeveless with thin straps, but some have long sleeves and off-shoulder designs. The possibilities are endless!

They are also perfect to wear for the summer heat, made of soft fabric, and very comfortable to wear on any outdoor occasion, especially on the beach. And just like maxi dresses, you can pair them with various footwear. Blogs and websites can provide you with a variety of ideas about sundresses.

  • Tops And Bottoms

Here you can wear matching or complementing ones for your beach trip. Your tops could be anything from crop tops and sleeveless or tube ones to knitted long-sleeves or cover-ups. For the bottoms, the usual ones are denim shorts. But you can go for a flowy skirt or pants for comfortable wear. The key is to match the top and bottom colors, patterns, and texture.

  • Bikinis

The bikini will always be the go-to outfit for people going to the beach. This two-piece women’s swimwear is perfect for swimming or tanning on the beach. Bikinis are available in various styles that can be tailored to your body and accentuate your features.

There are different types, such as retro bikinis, microkinis, bandeaus, monokinis, tankinis, and burkinis. These types are for multiple preferences and body types. You can use a thin fabric called a sarong/pareo to cover up a bit or a flowy cover-up that keeps the look light and comfortable. 

Patterns, designs, and prints can contribute to the overall aesthetic of your beach outfit. You can pair these beach outfits with accessories that complement and emphasize them; make sure you choose the right one for your beachwear.

Type Of Fabric

After you’ve chosen your type of beach wear, the next thing you should consider is the type of fabric that you’ll be using for the beach.

Beach Outfits for Summer
  • Cotton will always be a perfect choice for beach outfits as it is light, allows air to flow freely, and is adaptable to the temperature.
  • Linen is also a good choice, as it can complement your other beach wear fabrics and absorbs moisture quickly.
  • Jersey is also drapey and lightweight, allowing you to wear form-fitting outfits at the beach while enjoying the sea breeze.
  • For swimsuits, the best fabric type is polyester/elastane, which is durable and stretchable, making it perfect for swimming and accentuating your body.

Avoid synthetic materials when going to the beach as these can be very hot and abrasive to the skin, especially under the sun’s heat.

Choosing A Color

Selecting the right color for your beach outfits are also necessary. For comfort and aesthetic purposes, here are some of the best colors to consider when looking for something to wear on your next beach trip:

  • White

For beach trips, white will always be the best color. Aside from being effective at deflecting heat and keeping you cool in the sun, it also makes your outfits look effortlessly elegant. Not to mention that wearing white highlights the color of your tan and other beach colors, making your photos look fantastic.

  • Blue

Blue looks good on beach outfits because it matches the color of the sea. Even in the heat, this color gives off a lighter vibe while looking chic.

  • Red

Red can make you look elegant and warmer, contrasting the cold night breeze at beach events.

  • Yellow

This color complements a wide range of skin tones. It makes any outfit appear lightweight and easy on the eyes, making it an excellent choice for beach attire.

  • Pink

Pink gives you a more energetic appearance, making form-fitting outfits emphasizing your body appear more feminine. Furthermore, pink is a cheerful color appropriate for any trip or event. The colors to stray away from mainly for dresses are dark colors such as black, as it absorbs most of the heat.


Choosing the right beachwear may make or break your trip. Therefore, it’s essential to consider the criteria and advice listed above and take full advantage of your beach experience. Moreover, remember to have fun and enjoy the sea!

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