The fashion of 2023 brought free-cut suits, open backs, total bows, and checkered trends. In November and December, designers have traditionally announced that it will be fashionable in 2024. All beauties who follow the trends in the field of beauty treatments (such as self-massage, dermal fillers injections, trends in cosmetology) and in the fashion industry should be aware of what will be considered stylish in the new 2024.

Trends are not born on the table of even the most skillful and titled couturiers, but they are born on the streets, and not only in New York or Paris but all over the world. Everything we buy – online or offline – is carefully collected, systematized, and analyzed by special companies, which then sell the obtained data to fashion houses. The information concerns the preferences of buyers – what kind of fabric they choose, cut, color, style of the product, and much more. In general, this is the study of consumer demand as it is.

Thin straps and straps 

Femininity and lightness? Of course, it’s a trend! In the 2024 season, so-called spaghetti straps in all forms will gain popularity. Spaghetti is a type of shoulder straps that are found in women’s clothing: light dresses, T-shirts, blouses.

Eco fur

The trend towards environmental friendliness and conscious consumption is gaining momentum with each new season. An increasing number of brands began to abandon natural fur in favor of artificial, and street-style stars have been wearing only eco-fur coats for more than one season. Double-breasted coats, elongated parkas, short and oversize fur coats – you can choose the right option in the collections of Miu Miu, Prada, and Dries Van Noten.


Catsuits, a type of overalls that fit snugly, are now relevant not only in yoga classes. New-season designers are obsessed with them more than expected. From Salvatore Ferragamo to Prada, from Emilia Wickstead to Dolce & Gabbana: one-piece pieces of mesh, lace, wool, or knitwear are something to add to your wardrobe this fall.

Bright colors

Saturated shades of colors, neon, and juicy color combinations – one of the main trends for 2024. So, you can imagine yourself at a rave party or at sea and feel free to buy something noticeable. Bright purple and bright yellow are favorites at fashion shows.


Placers of lilies and ensembles of shiny stones were waiting for their bright release. Brands insist – sports pants, skinny and favorite sneakers are better left for a family vacation. Metallic dresses and overalls will look harmonious with high leather boots, fluffy bags, and even flared pants, as in Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Sportmax.


Not as bright as purple, soft and delicate purple enters the fashion game. Magical, comforting to the eye, it can easily become the basis of autumn wardrobe. Spring lilac, dusty lavender, or blueberry macaroon – all shades will be honored in the new season. Luxurious silk dresses, double-breasted coats with a belt that emphasizes the fragility of the silhouette, as well as “puffy” down jackets and pants that came from the ammunition of skiers and snowboarders – purple-colored all the elements of autumn-winter wardrobe.

White dresses

A classic that will be especially popular in the summer. Light, white dresses will give your image of femininity and romance. Of course, they can be worn in winter and autumn. The main thing is not to contaminate them due to the weather, otherwise, it will be a pity.


Sequins are another integral and bright element of fashion in 2024. Designers insist: even if you are a fan of the ascetic style, you still need sequins for next spring.

Raw denim

Denim is relevant every season, but in the autumn-winter collections, brands have relied on raw denim – raw denim. The best autumn solution will be a “Canadian tuxedo” – denim total look dark blue. Ottolinger, Bevza, and Hermes presented their variants of the trend.

Silk scarves

Silk scarves revive the aesthetics of classical elegance. The prints and shades presented by the designers are innumerable, so both fans of monochromatic models and printed samples will find the option to your liking. The combo of a silk scarf and a beret will have a particularly spectacular look – we offer a Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini show to be inspired by stylization.

Extreme height

Last season, the trend for heels plus platform has only just emerged, and this has evolved and consolidated significantly. Extremely high shoes and sandals, platforms made it clear that exactly return from scratch. So, will we learn to walk on them again?

Extra-long sleeves

The sleeves of sweaters and jumpers in the collections of the autumn-winter season have become XXL. Extra-long models could be seen on the show Acne Studios, Balmain, and Loewe. Pencil skirts pointed boat shoes and large jewelry will help to emphasize the neatness of the image.

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