Finding the perfect dress when you’re little, an impossible mission? No way! Short or asymmetrical ribbed slit dress, with a pretty neckline, here is a summary of all the tips to follow to create the illusion of a slender silhouette.

You know it well, your legs are not one meter 40 like those of the model. Admittedly, you try to comfort yourself by telling yourself that “everything small is cute” but your small size has become your main complex. And for good reason, whether it’s wide pants or a jumpsuit, your new purchase often ends with a hemming operation.

From then on, you envy your friends with endless legs. And even more when you need to find a new dress. If the first model crushes you, the second reveals absolutely nothing of your pretty footwork.

Very quickly, this shopping session turns into a real headache. Stop panicking. The ideal dress to sublimate your small size does exist. It’s all about fit and detail. Ladies, it’s time to take notes and follow our step-by-step advice for the most irresistible look.

Whether you’re 57 meters tall or 80 meters tall, you can look as stylish as you do in a dress. To give the illusion of a slender silhouette, it is important to pay particular attention to the cut. In the category of special small-size dresses, bet on the short dress. Whether mini or mid-thigh, this model will highlight your legs in no time at all. A little pleasure that fashionistas with a slender silhouette envy you.

What style of dress to wear when you're little?

You thought only this dress was made for you? Make no mistake, one model can hide another. To complete your collection, adopt the asymmetrical dress at the bottom. The latter will not cut your legs at knee height. If you prefer a dress with a more classic spirit, we have what you need. The empire-style belted dress will undoubtedly lengthen your figure.

Contrary to popular belief, you can very well fall for a long dress with a bohemian spirit. To prevent this model from crowding you further, it is important to work on your piece by marking your waist with an elegant belt. And a little trick to be sure to have the right length: make sure that your dress arrives just at the level of your ankles.

Petite fashion: top tips for looking taller:

After paying close attention to dress patterns, you must have an eye for detail. Dresses with a wrap or v-neckline will elongate your bust and make you taller in no time. One more trick to highlight your small breasts.

If you’ve always dreamed of the slit dress, go for it! Open to the full length, this model will create the illusion of an endless silhouette. And for an even more optimal result, set your sights on a dress with vertical stripes. A foolproof trick to stretch your petite waist.

For these little details to have their full effect, leave a crisscross back dress with too loose or flared fabrics on the rack, which will tend to pack you down.

Finally, in terms of shoes, don’t be afraid to gain height. High heels, whether thin or wedged, will be your best allies to make you taller by a few centimeters. And above all, remember: only your sense of style will match your looks, not the length of your legs!

Jeans – Trendy trousers:

Solado is above all a clothing brand known for its many models of jeans, tops, and all types of women’s outfits. However, here we are going to focus on the different cuts of jeans for women.

Let’s start with the basic cut: regular jeans. This timeless cut is suitable for all body types. The straight cut is all-purpose. You can wear these jeans with a sweatshirt, shirt or t-shirt. We also like the regular raw jeans worn with a flowing top with thin straps. A nice way to feminize an outfit based on basic pants.

Then we have the bootcut cut which was originally designed to be worn with boots and a backless mini dress. This type of jeans widens at the ankle and is sublime worn with heels. Pair your jeans with a top from Morgan de Toi, a brand that offers sexy and trendy women’s clothing. Fall for their voile blouses or their little printed tops.

If you have a taste for 70s vintage, opt for flare jeans from Solado. The latter is highly appreciated for the freedom of movement it offers but above all for its style. Slightly oversized, this cut will delight rather tall women. Opt for a close-fitting top like a slim shirt or a small crochet sweater in the 70’s spirit and you will have an outfit inspired by the looks of models on the ramps.

Trendy trousers: What style of dress to wear

Speaking of pants or skinny jeans, this cut is highly appreciated to highlight your legs. We like it in dark colors like black or dark blue. A word of advice, choose 7/8th skinny jeans instead to avoid the “accordion” effect on your ankles. Wear it with a nice pair of trainers or heels.

The slim is halfway between the skinny fit and the regular fit. Close to the hips and thighs, the cut becomes straight from the knees. It is one of the most popular models because it allows you to compose an elegantly casual look. A must-have for women’s dressing!

Another essential cut in jeans, is the MOM cut. It is characterized by its high waist and its cigarette shape straight out of the 90s.

Jeggings, do you know? It’s a combination of leggings and skinny jeans. It has the cut of skinny jeans with the comfort and elasticity of leggings. It is characterized by its flexibility and elasticity.

Do you want to create an ultra-trendy feminine look?

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