As someone who loves fashion, I get really excited about picking the perfect shoes to match my favorite leopard print dress! There are so many fun options to choose from.

Personally, I think classic black or nude heels look gorgeous with leopard print. They add a touch of sophistication while letting the print shine. Ankle booties are one of my go-to’s for a casual chic vibe – the edginess pairs so nicely with the bold print.

For summer, you can’t beat cute strappy sandals. They look beautiful and keep you feeling breezy on hot days. Metallic gold shoes make me feel like a glam Hollywood starlet – the shine complements the print flawlessly!

I also love how crisp white or off-white shoes pop against the print, especially when they match the dress tones. And if I’m feeling funky, nothing beats hot pink shoes for a major fashion moment! White sneakers are my preference for laidback days.

Now for some expert tips! Keeping accessories delicate and neutral lets the fabulous print take center stage. A statement necklace or flashy earrings draws eyes up and highlights your gorgeous face.

The options are endless for complementing a leopard dress with showstopping shoes! Don’t be afraid to get bold and express your personal flair. Find what makes you feel beautiful and stylish.

Based on my personal experience and research, I’ve got some suggestions for which shoes to rock with a leopard print dress!

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Shoes to Wear with a Leopard Print Dress

Chic brown lace-up boots paired with a flared leopard print dress against a red door.
Bold Steps: Leopard Dress & Combat Boots

When styling a leopard print dress, opt for simple, neutral-toned shoes like classic pumps or heels in black, beige, or nude. Shoes in the same color family as your dress create a pulled-together, complementary look. Let the bold leopard print shine as the main event by keeping your footwear subtle and chic.

Black or nude heels

Elegant black glitter high heels with leopard print dress on a wet city street.
Chic Stride: Leopard Dress & Sparkling Heels

You just can’t go wrong with classic black or nude heels when wearing a leopard print dress. In my opinion, those basic heel colors are a timeless, stylish choice that instantly pull any outfit together.

Black heels especially add a subtle edgy vibe that contrasts nicely with the boldness of leopard print. Nude heels keep things neutral and let the print be the star. Both options are super versatile – I personally think every girl should have go-to pairs of black and nude heels in her closet!

They go with everything and always make you look put-together.

When I’m feeling unsure about how to accessorize my leopard dress, I just throw on my favorite black or nude heels for an effortlessly chic look.

The neutral colors complement the print without competing with it. So next time you’re figuring out shoes for your leopard print outfit, consider classic black or nude heels – they’ll never let you down!

Ankle boots

Stylish beige ankle boots complementing a leopard print dress on a city bench.
Urban Chic: Leopard Print & Beige Booties

Okay, hear me out: ankle boots are a total game-changer for styling a leopard print dress casually! In my opinion, ankle boots add just the right amount of edge to balance out the fierce vibes of leopard print.

They keep the look feeling cool and laidback rather than overly dressy. I love wearing my favorite chunky heel ankle booties with a leopard midi dress and denim jacket for weekend errands or brunch. It’s such a cute pairing!

The booties make the outfit feel more casual and on-trend. If you want to amp up the edge even more, go for a pointed-toe or sleek black leather ankle boot. But comfy, slouchy suede booties also look so chic and prevent the leopard print from feeling too loud.

Take it from me – ankle boots are a foolproof way to style your leopard dress for daytime or a relaxed night out! Don’t be afraid to add some attitude to your outfit with this shoe choice.

Strappy sandals

Woman in leopard print dress and strappy sandals overlooking city skyline at sunset.
Leopard Dress & Strappy Sandals

Strappy sandals are my warm weather go-to for styling a leopard print dress! In my opinion, nothing says “summer style” quite like the pairing of a fierce leopard print midi or maxi dress with cute strappy sandals.

The straps add some visual interest and dress up the beachy vibe of the sandals. I love rocking this look for outdoor weddings, rooftop parties, or even just running weekend errands when it’s hot out.

The strappy sandals keep your feet breezy on sweltering days. And they provide the perfect balance between dressing up a leopard print dress and still looking casual enough for daytime.

I’m all about wearing this combo for summertime girls’ brunch dates or light weekend activities. The sandals prevent the leopard print from feeling overdone.

Take it from a fashion lover – you can’t go wrong pairing a leopard dress with cute, strappy sandals when the weather heats up. It’s a go-to summer look that’s stylish, breezy, and beautiful!

Gold shoes

Gold glitter stiletto heels paired with a leopard print dress, reflecting light.
Glittering Gold: Perfect Heels for Your Leopard Dress

I absolutely love pairing metallic gold shoes with a leopard print dress – it takes the outfit to a glam new level! In my opinion, shiny gold heels or sandals add just the right elegant touch to balance out the boldness of leopard print.

The metallic sheen makes the look feel expensive and put-together. Gold complements the warm tones in the print so nicely. Whenever I want to feel like a total fashionista, I break out my favorite leopard wrap dress and gold strappy heels for a night out.

The combo makes me feel like a million bucks! For formal events, gold pumps are a foolproof way to dress up a leopard print while still standing out.

Take it from me – don’t be afraid to add some metallic shine to your leopard look with gold footwear. It pulls together the whole outfit and makes you look posh in all the right ways. I consider gold shoes a must-have for any stylish lady’s closet.

White or off-white shoes

White ankle boots and leopard print dress on a bustling New York City crosswalk
Chic White Boots to Strut with Leopard Prints

I’m obsessed with pairing white or off-white shoes with my leopard print dresses! In my experience, matching the white tones in the print with crisp white or ivory shoes makes the whole outfit really pop. It creates this gorgeous, put-together monochrome moment.

A neutral white shoe keeps the boldness of the print the focal point. I especially love rocking white ankle boots or sneakers with a leopard dress for a casual daytime look. And for evenings out, nothing looks more elegant to me than white stilettos with a leopard wrap dress. The color pairing makes me feel simultaneously edgy and glamorous!

Take it from a style addict – white shoes that match the dress tones tie everything together seamlessly. Don’t be afraid to try this matching combo and watch your leopard print outfit come to life! White footwear takes it to the next level.

Hot pink shoes

Striking red heels with a chic leopard dress on an urban sidewalk.
Sassy Pink Heels & Leopard Dress Combo

I’m all about hot pink shoes when I want to make a major fashion statement with my leopard print dress! In my opinion, nothing adds an eye-catching pop of color better than bold pink footwear. The vibrancy complements the fierceness of leopard print so stylishly.

Whenever I feel like spicing up my look, I’ll throw on some hot pink pumps or heels with my favorite leopard dress. It instantly takes the outfit from regular to runway-ready! I love how the pink makes the edgy print feel funky and fresh.

Pink shoes add that extra dose of flair I crave sometimes. They liven up neutrals like black or taupe leopard prints. Take it from a color fanatic – vibrant pink footwear boldly stands out against leopard print in all the best ways. Don’t be shy – add that pop of pink for an insta-worthy, fashion-forward look!

White sneakers

Trendy white chunky sneakers with leopard midi dress on a lively street.
Chic Leopard Dress & Chunky Sneakers Street Style

Nothing beats a crisp, white pair of sneakers when I’m styling my leopard print dress casually for summer! In my opinion, white sneakers are a foolproof way to dress down a fierce leopard print into a laidback, warm weather look.

I love rocking chunky white sneakers with a midi leopard dress and denim jacket when I’m running weekend errands. It keeps the vibe light and relaxed. Or I’ll pair some classic white Converse high-tops with a casual leopard print tee and cutoff shorts for a playful picnic in the park look.

White sneakers inject a sporty, fresh vibe that prevents leopard print from feeling overdone during the daytime. Take it from a casual dresser – white sneakers effortlessly dial down the bold print into a casual summertime staple.

Why not enjoy the warmth in style and comfort? Throw on those white sneakers and have fun with leopard print this summer!

Final Thoughts

Glittering gold heels and leopard dress with festive lights in the background
Glamour in Gold: Leopard Print Dress & Sparkling Heels

As a total fashionista who loves rocking fierce animal prints, let me dish on the best shoes to pair with a leopard dress! I’ve learned from experience that simple is best when dealing with statement prints like leopard. Classic black or nude heels are my ol’ faithful – they make me look instantly polished while still letting the print shine. If I want to add some sass, ankle boots or strappy sandals put a little pep in my step!

But in general, I try to keep the accessories minimal with leopard dresses. Overdoing it can look costumy. Neutral shoes in the same color family as my dress help pull things together. A cute pair of beige pumps blends right in. I go for complementing, not competing!

The key is keeping the focal point on the fierce leopard print. The dress speaks for itself – let it roar! Accessories should enhance its boldness without being distracting. Delicate jewelry is my best friend. And I love when my shoes make the dress feel a tiny bit more elegant or edgy.

So don’t overthink it too much! Start with basic heels in black or nude, then add your own flair and personality. Most importantly, have fun and own your inner wildcat! A leopard dress is meant to make you feel confident, stylish and empowered.

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Before You Go

I hope you found these tips helpful for styling your leopard print dresses! Choosing the right shoes can really make or break your fierce outfit.

I’d love to hear your thoughts – what are your go-to shoes to pair with leopard print? Do you prefer classic pumps or edgier ankle boots? Share your favorite shoe pairings and ideas in the comments!

And if you’re still unsure how to pull off leopard print fashionably, don’t be afraid to experiment. The most important thing is feeling confident and having fun with bold prints. A great pair of shoes can help take your look to the next level.

Let me know if you found this article useful! I’m happy to provide more styling tips and advice on rocking leopard print in a chic, modern way. Feel free to ask. And don’t forget to strut your stuff – you look absolutely fabulous!

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