Leather jackets are quite common today. Almost everybody wears them. But the people who look different and get much-desired attention are those who choose their outfits and footwear shrewdly.

You can enhance your appearance by wearing an eye-catching leather jacket and good shoes. Particularly the footwear. A lot of jacket lovers struggle to make the right choice in this regard.

So whether you are looking for formal or informal recommendations, keep on reading. We are going to drop down some really interesting footwear that will truly compliment your jacket’s look.

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1. Formal or informal, traditional boots go well with a leather jacket

Some of us think boots only go well with a leather jacket if you are attending a casual meet-up or a get-together with friends. But that’s not the case. It all comes down to the type and color of the boots you choose.

Ideally, we recommend using leather boots—if you are looking for something aesthetic as well as durable. They last long and spice up your jacket’s outlook and feel comfortable.

As far as the color is concerned, you must consider the color of your jacket first. A black jacket looks impressive when worn with black, brown, or navy blue shoes. For a brown leather jacket, black boots would do it for you.

You can choose both ankle and knee-high boots depending on your preferences—give both a try and decide which one would look best on you. Moreover, we recommend buying lace-up boots as they enhance the utilitarian look of the entire ensemble.

2. Loafers for a Professional Sleek Look

Loafers for a Professional Sleek Look

If you are attending a party or going for a night out, loafers will really compliment your leather jacket. Even in a creative corporate setting—like a Digital Marketing or Advertising Agency—loafers go well with a leather jacket.

But make sure you buy versatile loafers that sync in with your vibe, mood, and your other requirements of different looks. Some loafers are so good that they look apt for both formal and casual use. But make sure you buy them in the right color and material.

Usually, loafers in various colors look quite impressive with a black leather jacket. Whether you prefer a fully suited look or an easy breezy one, a sleek leather jacket with black loaders gives you an extra edge and style to impress everyone you meet.

3. Flats & Slip-Ons for a dashing but a little casual look

Flats & Slip-Ons for a dashing but a little casual look

Your next option is flats and slip-on. Men and women both wear these with leather jackets as both genders alike enjoy this style due to the comfort and versatility this combo offers.

Women wear flats in a non-intrusive neutral shade and pointed toes along with their leather jackets; this deadly combination never goes unnoticed in any setting. Men wear solid colors slip-on with dark-coloured jackets to achieve the same effect.

Though they look quite simple, flats and slip-on take your look to a whole new level when worn with a well-fitted jacket. Every man craves a macho look and every woman wants to look as tough as a man, this type of footwear meets the objectives of both.

4. Sandals, a budget-friendly option

Sandals are equally popular among men and women. Often seen as an old-fashioned choice, sandals can still transform the way you look in your jacket. The trend is being revived again, particularly among men as sandals feel much more comfortable and cooler in summer days.

Sandals, too, are available in a wide range of options. From sandal material to style and price, you can find dozens of different options in a single shop. But to achieve your dream look, always choose a leather sandals. Genuine leather can be identified at a single glance, so if your sandal feels genuine leather to the second person, they will definitely be impressed.

To achieve the best possible look, experiment with colors. Men can try blue or other dark colors while women can try pink, yellow, orange, or sandals in their favorite color with a leather jacket. Closed-toed sandals and flip-flops are two of the best choices. Try one of them and see how it turns out.

5. Heels are still a great choice for women

Heels are still a great choice for women

For a man, this may sound weird “A woman wearing a leather jacket with heels?” But for a woman, this combo is as intriguing as weird it sounds to the opposite gender. Heels make women look taller while a leather jacket adds some machismo to their personality.

This combo is perfect for a casual outing. A black leather jacket with blue jeans and heels is going to add a different personality to a woman’s walking style, boost her confidence, and definitely make a killing first impression on every second person who crosses her path.

But be careful, don’t experiment with colors other than black, blue, and brown. And always prefer dark colors over light ones if you are too keen to try this type of footwear frequently.

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