The wrap dress, first made famous by none other than the iconic Diane Von Furstenberg, is a dress style that has amazingly remained in fashion for close to 40 years. Debuted in the 1970’s, the wrap dress is a design that can accentuate all the right assets, work with any body type, and be made in absolutely any print to mesh with absolutely any style, making it quite simple to see just why it has stayed on trend for this long. In a fast paced fashion world where trends seem to come and go with the blink of an eye, there are a few styles that move through generations as they evolve to mesh with each season, and the wrap dress just so happens to be one of these very special styles.

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When it comes to the shape of the dress, this is one of the main reasons the dress seemed to gain incredible popularity in the first place. The shape of the dress is undoubtedly slimming, but able to create the most feminine of hourglass silhouettes, thus allowing it to work for virtually any body type. So rarely does one fashion piece transcend different bodies so well, and the wrap dress has really been able to nail it in this regard.

The Wrap Dress And Uncompromised Versatility

Another aspect that has kept the wrap dress on trend is the ability to incorporate an endless array of patterns. Flowers, romantic lace, edgy prints, retro dots, and any other print one can imagine can be shown successfully on a wrap dress, and this gives this type of dress a way to fit into every single type of personal style. If you’re going for edgy, feminine, retro, romantic, classic, or modern – there is a wrap dress out there for you.

Lastly, the wrap dress can also be a dress of all seasons. With a change of fabric, slight change of cut, and change of pattern, you can find a wrap dress that can bring you in to any season with ease, style, and comfort. For winter, you may want to opt for dark or holiday themed colors, spring has floral tones, summer has bright jewel colors, and fall has neutrals, proving that this is a dress that never takes a single season off. If you have a wrap dress in a versatile color or pattern, you may even be able to wear the same piece in summer or winter with a quick cardigan and pair of tights!

The wrap dress is an icon, and one that is slated to be just as hot in 20 years from now as it was 20 years ago. With the right wrap dress, you have a dress you can truly take anywhere, and may even from season to season as well!

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