This Is the Best Fashion Advice, According to the Our Staff and Readers

Not all fashion advice is created equal. The world and media are full of fashion experts who want to tell you not to wear crop tops or to dress your age or “for your body,” and for the most part, that advice is an utter crock. But some advice is worth listening to. Here is the best fashion advice Blufashion staff and readers say they have ever received.

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Mine is still Jennifer’s point that whatever you are wearing at any given moment could be your ghost outfit forever.

I mean, that will inspire a person to always dress in a way that would make them happy. (Also, it’s an important reminder to always wear comfortable shoes. It would really suck to spend eternity with foot blisters.) That goes along with Anne’s best fashion advice:

“It’s not good enough for clothes to look good; they have to feel good. If you buy something that makes you uncomfortable, you are wasting your money because you will either never wear it, or you will wear it, and it will undermine your confidence through your discomfort. At the end of the day, you are dressing for your own needs first, and comfort is just as much a need as style or appropriateness.”

I suspect uncomfortable shoes are a major reason that ghosts go bad and start doing things like haunting writers and making the walls bleed. If you want to be a nice, friendly ghost like Casper (who was super hot), make sure your clothes are comfortable. Dorothy’s best advice includes smashing that dumb old “dress for your body type” chestnut to pieces.

Two things: 1. “Dressing for your body type” is bullshit. Wear whatever the hell you want to wear. 2. There’s a huge difference between being trendy and being stylish. Aim for the latter.

Jessica says, “If you’re gonna wear it, WEAR it.” And she’s right. It’s important to commit. Don’t put on a headdress of feathers and then stand around awkwardly thinking, “I am wearing a headdress of feathers.” If you’re going to wear a headdress of feathers, be sure to swan into every room thinking, “I am wearing a headdress of feathers!” Meanwhile, Amy’s advice will probably save us all a lot of money if we follow it.

“The best advice I’ve heard is a dress for yourself and only buy it if you love it.”

What’s the best fashion advice you’ve ever received? Let us know in the comments.

What Is the Best Fashion Advice You’ve Ever Received?

What Is the Best Fashion Advice You've Ever Received?

The world is full of fashion advice. Even I am full of fashion advice! Catch me a few rounds into a party, and I’ll just be standing there talking in blog posts: “Buy cheap clothes but get alterations!” “Never put a bra in the dryer!” But all fashion advice is not created equal. Some advice, like the aforementioned tip about alterations, is very good. Other advice–like anything including the words “age-appropriate”–should just be dismissed out of hand.

I’ve heard a lot of fashion advice in my day. Many people live by Coco Chanel’s advice to “always remove one thing before leaving the house.” My mother is a big fan of some variation of “wear the dress, don’t let the dress wear you.” I don’t always agree because looking pretty in something flattering is not always my goal. Sometimes I want to be the person wearing 14 ostrich feathers for no reason or the person wearing a dress that looks like it was made from a couch.

But anyway, this is about insightful fashion tips, and as far as I am concerned, this is some of the most useful fashion advice I have ever seen:

When you’re right, you’re right. What if you go out in an embarrassing T-shirt because it is laundry day, and then you are hit by a bus and have to spend the rest of your life explaining to other ghosts why you are wearing a shirt that says “Co-Ed Naked Ultimate Frisbee.” Sure, that’s unlikely, but it’s hardly worth the risk.

Admittedly, I spent a lot of time watching both the U.K. and U.S. versions of Being Human, and both those shows included ghosts stuck for eternity in gray leggings and Ugg boots. That would be just awful! At one point in the U.S. series, the ghost actually hauls a dying woman out of her hospital bed to pick out an outfit so that she won’t have to spend eternity in a hospital gown. She did that person a huge favor.

I don’t actually believe in the supernatural, but as far as outfit selection guidelines go, it’s a pretty good idea to always wear something you’d be proud to be seen in if you had to wear it every day for the rest of eternity.

What’s the best fashion advice you’ve ever received?

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