What Fashion Blogs Should We Be Reading?

The Internet is a vast space. There must be some brilliant fashion blogs out there we haven’t discovered yet.

There are a lot of good ways to kill time on the Internet while we’re supposed to be working, but fashion blogs are one of the most fun. For nearly a decade now, it’s been a morning routine to troll through the archives of charming young people and look at the way they put outfits together. Sometimes they even break up the monotony by showing their rooms or their food, but mostly it’s outfits. It’s great fun, but sometimes following the same person every day can get pretty stale. Once you’ve seen one pair of Ann Demeulemeester talon-heeled boots every day for a year, you start to think maybe it’s time to branch out. Besides, reading the same super-rich bloggers with 10,000,000 followers every day gets pretty boring. The Internet is a vast space, and there must be some good bloggers out there we haven’t heard of yet.

I almost never buy the actual things my favorite style bloggers wear, but I do use them as a source of inspiration. I’m not going to pay $18,000 for a red crocodile clutch by Nancy Gonzalez, but if I like the way someone is using a bag like that, I might go to eBay and find a red vintage clutch for $18. Unfortunately, that does not make me frugal. I’ve bought enough eBay clutches since 2007 that I could probably have bought the designer bag in the first place. (Though that would mean I have one when instead I have a hoard. I have a clutch for every occasion, including if zombies attack and I need to hide from them by burying myself in a pile of vintage clutches.)

I love A Clothes Horse and Man Repeller and even my old favorite Sea of Shoes, but I think I’ve been reading the same wildly popular bloggers every day since 2007. (As a bohemian redhead, I have gravitated towards that aesthetic.) I need more style bloggers to follow, and I think you guys probably know some that I’ve been missing.

Which style bloggers should I start following? Go ahead and suggest yourself or your friends, because I want to read your blogs too.

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