What are the Wedding Dress Trends 2024

The beginning of 2024 marks a wave of new trends in bridal fashion. Apart from classic wedding silhouettes, brands offer brides-to-be to take a look at trendy details for the 2024 wedding season.  3D flower appliques, huge bows, dramatic overskirts, mini wedding gowns, bold minimalism, and the 1990s aesthetics – we gathered 6 hottest wedding dress trends for 2024. Get inspired and find your dream wedding gown that compliments the vibe of your special day. 

Floral Appliques

Whimsical and romantic, flower appliques have been a long-favorite of bride-wear designers. Each wedding season, it gained new interpretations. A hot trend for 2024 bridal gown fashion is extravagant 3D flowers that resemble realistic flower buds. Intricate hand-crafted blossoms in tender patterns are adding a romantic touch inspired by nature. Floral appliques are a perfect way to bring jaw-dropping aesthetics to your wedding outfit. 


Minimalism is a hot ever-green trend. Minimalistic wedding dresses that embrace a sense of refined simplicity are making statements in the bridal fashion scene in 2024. Brides get appealed by clean lines, unembellished fabrics, and unsophisticated silhouettes. With a focus on impeccable tailoring and high-quality fabrics, minimalistic gowns are a testament that simplicity can be the embodiment of impeccable refinement. 

Dramatic Overskirts

Since brides often hesitate between a fitted and flared wedding gown, designers came up with a hybrid style that fits both whims. Wedding gown brands offer pairing dramatic detachable overskirts with fitted gowns. This will add convenience to the bridal routine making it possible to unfasten layers of fabric at a certain point and reveal a fitted silhouette that allows for more freedom of movement.

Coquette Bows

Сute bows have been around for a while and are set to be a huge trend for 2024 brides. Each brand offers a unique look on the detail – some offer huge bows on the back or waist while others add a cute bow on the shoulder or waist to add a hint of playfulness. Trends of this season, however, lean towards large and voluminous elements instead of the exquisite small ones we witnessed before.

The ‘90s Vibes

The 90’s fashion is back making us wonder whether it has ever really disappeared. The simplicity of design and intricacy of silhouettes will always take a special place in bridal fashion. Lingerie-style dresses, simple square necklines, thin straps, sheath dresses, and minimalist yet luxurious fabrics are a great choice to celebrate your special day. 

Mini Dress

Mini dresses are another trend that made a bold and unforgettable statement on bridal fashion shows of the 2024 season. Short, fitted, strapless, with buffs, and fringed – so many designers got inspired by a sense of modernity and playfulness as they introduce shorter hemlines in fresh and bold designs. With brides hunting for multiple wedding looks and bridal wardrobes becoming a key focus of wedding preparations, a mini dress is more popular than ever.  

In conclusion, the wedding dress trends for 2024 are all about embracing simplicity with a touch of whimsy and romance. From 3D floral appliques to minimalist designs, from dramatic overskirts to coquette bows, and from ’90s vibes to mini dresses, there’s something for every bride’s taste. These trends are not only fashion-forward but also practical in terms of flexibility and comfort. So, if you’re getting married in 2024 or beyond, keep these trends in mind while selecting your dream wedding dress.

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