If you or a loved one have arthritis, you know that getting dressed can be a frustrating and painful ordeal. Pain, swelling, stiff joints, and limited mobility turn this everyday task into a daunting chore that weighs on you physically and emotionally. 

Moreover, if the very act of putting on clothes gets you exhausted, there’s no chance you’ll have the mental energy to think about fashion or accessories. This can add to the overall stress of this disease and can end up affecting your overall mental well-being. 

But there are ways to make your life a little easier and keep the struggle to a minimum. Plus, you may find a new style that best fits your needs and look. We gathered information from specialists and other arthritis sufferers and found the best clothing and footwear solutions to use when your painful joints don’t want to listen.

Clothing Options for Arthritis Sufferers

1. Select Comfortable Outfits

You likely already own some arthritis-friendly clothing made from stretchy and loose fabrics. Of course, we don’t recommend that you wear your baggy pants and loose T-shirts at the office. However, there are cuts and designs that are easier to wear and remove. 

Opt for loose, stretchy items with minimal fasteners. After all, putting a blouse over your head is easier than trying to handle zippers and hooks.

Quick tip: Try buying your clothes online – this way, you can try clothes in the comfort of your home and avoid walking your achy joints through dozens of stores.

2. Prioritize Soft Materials

When picking clothes, not only the fit matters but also the fabric. Stiff or tight materials can be difficult to put on or take off. So, look for clothes made from soft and flexible fabrics that make dressing up more manageable.

3. Focus on Front Closures

Dealing with back closures can be challenging even without arthritis. To reduce strain and discomfort, stick to clothing with front closures whenever possible. This may involve repurchasing undergarments and prioritizing bras with front clasps if you’re a woman with arthritis.

Footwear to Help with Your Arthritis

4. Insoles to Help with Knee Arthritis

When searching for arthritis-friendly footwear, choose a sole that provides support and stability. Plus, if you suffer from knee pain, the insoles can help reduce the pressure that’s usually taken over by the inner knee joint, which, in many cases, is the starting point of knee arthritis.

Quick tip: To improve knee mobility, avoid shoes with soft heels, as they can actually increase pressure on your foot. Instead, opt for shoes with soles that bend only near the toes and stay firm in your hand.

5. Spacious Toe Haven

Ensure the shoe has ample room in the toe box area to accommodate any joint changes or thickening caused by arthritis. This extra space can help reduce pressure on your toes. 

You should also consider shoes with removable insoles. This way, if your foot shape or condition changes, you can add your own orthotics for enhanced support and mobility.

6. Balance Heel Height

If you’re one of the 58.5 million Americans who suffer from arthritis, then you already know that high heels are to be avoided at all costs. That’s because high heels shift body weight forward and potentially worsen foot problems. 

But you shouldn’t go too flat either – ballet pumps are sometimes guilty of causing foot pain. Aim for shoes with a well-balanced heel-to-toe incline which provides both comfort and proper weight distribution.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, don’t let arthritis get in the way of your daily life and style choices. 

With these useful clothing and footwear switches, you’ll now have the confidence to conquer your day comfortably. Remember, it’s all about prioritizing your well-being while looking fabulous at the same time. So go ahead, update your wardrobe, and stride with ease – you’ve got this!

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