Today, a person can do a lot of things right from home, as the Internet has given us this opportunity. Sitting in front of the computer, we can watch any movie well and take in the hands of the phone – order food, play applications with gambling or make a bank account.

In general, there are fewer and fewer reasons to leave the house, but they are still there. And if you need to walk around the city thoroughly, then it is worth picking up the right clothes for this. For this purpose, we have decided to give you a few tips.

Choice of shoes

Of course, you can wear almost anything, even cowboy boots with shorts, but if the foreground comes not to the passage but convenience and practicality, we advise you to consider sneakers or sneakers. Indeed, the best city shoes have not yet been invented, and all sorts of moccasins or sandals can not compete with good sneakers for those who prefer to walk a lot. A thick sole with excellent shock-absorbing qualities allows you to successfully walk on uneven terrain, which can often be found even in cities.

How to choose clothes

In general, urban style, if you consider it from the point of view of comfort, abounds in free things made of breathable fabrics. In the city, it is usually hotter than in nature, and numerous concrete surfaces accumulate heat in the summer.

In terms of colors and design, moderation has always gone hand in hand with urban style. However, such clothing can also be empathetic, especially if you look at current collections from recent fashion shows. But even in this case, it is usually about a restrained color scheme and the absence of non-standard patterns.

The hiking theme is back in fashion.

If you do not just want to walk to the nearest store and plan to overcome multi-kilometre urban distances, it is quite possible to diversify your closet with things from the hiking theme. Especially since it is back in fashion, attracting people with its convenience and practicality.


Active walking around the city will surely require you to use a number of accessories, such as bags or umbrellas. Of course, various things can be scattered in pockets, but it is more convenient to buy a backpack for this purpose. Just make sure that this very backpack does not become an object of interest from the robbers, who are active in many modern cities. After all, if all things will lie in one bag, then its theft will turn out to be a big financial loss and headache.

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