A Fashionistas Mini Guide To The Sweater Jungle

Is it sweater weather yet?

This autumn’s returning fashion piece is the Sweater and I’ve listed all you need to know about the must-have in your wardrobe item.

Can you believe it? It’s almost December, and it’s crazy how swiftly time flies, right? We’ve almost come to the end of this year, and there is still so much happening. From Christmas shopping in SoHo, NYC to Wknd City Guides. Besides all the good things happening, it is sweater weather. And like every season, we see the return of some pieces, and this time the knitted sweater is more than ever autumn’s must-have piece. And the merrier, the better. The color palette is completely covered, and a true fashionista knows her knits, so read on!

A Fashionistas Sweater Knit-tionary

  1. THE BOUCLE KNIT is a whimsical stitch pattern and adds trend-right texture to any ensemble.
  2. THE CABLE KNIT is a twisted stitch pattern that looks like entwined ropes.
  3. THE EXPENSIVE CASHMERE is made of very special yarn that comes from rare fibers found in the undercoat of cashmere goats. Its character is soft, warm, and gives a luxurious feeling.
  4. THE FLIRTY EYELASH is a fun and flirty way to knit, and its name comes from the fine fringes of yarn radiating from a central core.
  5. THE BRAIDED CABLE is a favorite of many fashionistas and adds that extra luxury feeling to a sweater.
  6. THE TECHNO KNIT is a stretchy, sturdy knit, similar in weight to a double knit, has a light sheen, and flows beautifully.
  7. THE FUZZY KNIT SWEATER. As the word describes is a cozy, fuzzy knit stitch
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