There are many health benefits of swimming such as increased endurance and muscle strength. Most kids are ready to learn how to swim around age 4.

In order for your kid to have an enjoyable time learning how to swim, they will need appropriate gear.

Swimming gear for kids should be as fun as going to the pool. Read on for all the must-have swim training gear for kids.

The Ultimate Guide to Cute Swimming Gear for Kids

Floatation Devices

When your child is learning to swim, floating devices are vital for keeping them safe. Besides a simple life jacket, there are many fun options that will keep your child afloat.

Swim Fins

Swim fins most often attach around your child’s arms. This cute swimming gear helps your child pick up swimming faster.

Different styles can attach around kids’ ankles, or even give them a mermaid tail! There are many great swim fin options for children.

Pool Noodles

Foam pool noodles are a colorful way for your child to stay afloat. Not only do they keep your kid safe, but they are fun to play with.

Your child’s imagination will turn this swim gear into a horse, sword, or limbo stick.


Kickboards are fantastic ways to build swimming confidence. They allow your child’s upper body to stay afloat while they practice kicking. Your kid will feel like they are swimming independently.

Pool Toys

Pool toys are some of the best swimming training gear for kids. Your child may feel like they are simply playing a fun game. In reality, pool toys also solidify important swimming techniques.


Tossing rings and swimming to pick them up is more than just a fun game for your child.

Swimming to pick up rings teaches your young swimmer breath control. Tossing rings can also teach your child to swim on top of the water horizontally.


Pool barbells are exactly what you’d think they look like. But don’t worry, we aren’t encouraging your child to lift heavyweights in the pool.

Floating barbells help your child master different swim strokes when they hold them. For brand new swimmers, barbells can be placed under their arms for added flotation.

Comfort Necessities

Of course, you want to dress your child in a cute swimsuit or swim diaper for a trip to the pool. But what about accessories that will make them feel comfortable in the water?

Swimming gear accessories can decrease certain side effects that can come with swimming.


Goggles are essential to protect your child’s eyes from burning and itching. They allow for visibility underwater so your kid can play their fun games.

You can find goggles in many cute colors, patterns, and sizes.


A swimmer’s ear is a painful and uncomfortable infection. Regular swimming can increase the risk of ear infections.

Too many reoccurring ear infections can contribute to hearing loss. Swimming earplugs fit the shape of your child’s ear canal. They create a tight seal to keep water from entering your child’s ear.

Swim Shoes

Swim shoes fit comfortably around your child’s feet and help prevent them from slipping. They are also ideal to limit the risk of your child getting a foot infection at the pool.

The best part is, swim shoes come in many fun designs to match your child’s personality.

Swimming Gear for Kids Can Be Fun

Not only does swimming gear for kids look cute, but it also adds to their growth and development. Watch your child grow into a safe, confident swimmer in no time.

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