Uchuu kei (宇宙系) translates to “space style” in English. It’s a Japanese street fashion centered around a cosmic, intergalactic theme. Uchuu kei fashion pulls inspiration from sources like space travel, astronomy, science fiction, stars, planets, satellites, and more. Let’s delve into the origins, key elements, and influence behind this imaginative style trend.

What is Uchuu Kei Fashion?

Uchuu Kei is a unique fashion style that focuses on outer space and alien motifs. This style is a substyle of Fairy Kei, a Japanese fashion style known for its pastel colors and cute aesthetics. Uchuu Kei fashion takes this pastel look and combines it with fluorescent colors and space-themed elements to create a distinctive and whimsical style.

Person showcasing uchuu-kei style with pastel blue hair, galaxy-themed clothing, and whimsical accessories including horned headpiece.
  • A substyle of fairy kei fashion that incorporates outer space and space alien motifs. It combines the pastel and cute aesthetic of fairy kei with fluorescent colors and intergalactic themes.
  • Uchuu kei pulls inspiration from sources like space travel, astronomy, science fiction, stars, planets, satellites, and more. Signature elements include cosmic color schemes, futuristic silhouettes, and galactic-themed accessories.
  • Uchuu kei originated as a Japanese street fashion in the 1990s, emerging from the culture and style scene in Tokyo. It was influenced by the Space Age of the 1960s and sci-fi pop culture over the decades.
  • While uchuu kei first developed among Japanese youth subcultures, its aesthetic appeal has reached wider mainstream audiences over time. The cosmic style continues to inspire high fashion designers, DIY enthusiasts, and everyday style around the world.
  • Uchuu kei outfits often feature bright, neon, pastel, or galaxy colors and prints.
  • Clothing items include dresses, leggings, shirts, accessories with star, planet, rocket ship, and alien motifs.
  • Makeup is bold with glitter, holographic accents, fake eyelashes, and colorful eyeliner.
  • Hairstyles tend to be brightly colored, in ponytails or space buns, and decorated with star barrettes or hair clips.
  • Jewelry and accessories feature cosmic and sci-fi inspired shapes and materials like chains, hoops, and metallic fabrics.

Uchuu kei fashion has a fun, intergalactic look with bright colors, space-age patterns and motifs, dramatic makeup, and cosmic inspired accessories. It embraces elements of fantasy and the future in its style.

Uchuu kei combines Fairy Kei’s cute pastel look with intergalactic and sci-fi influences. It’s a Japanese street fashion centered around translating the wonder of outer space and astronomy into creative personal style.

Origins of Uchuu Kei

Model in a traditional Japanese kimono with elaborate patterns and an ornate hairpiece posing gracefully.
Embrace the intricate beauty of traditional Japanese fashion with layers of patterned silk and ornate accessories.

Most sources pinpoint the emergence of uchuu kei to Tokyo street fashion in the 1990s. However, we can trace some of its core inspirations earlier back to the Space Age of the 1960s.

During this era, space exploration milestones like the first satellite in orbit and the first man on the moon captivated popular culture. The possibilities of extraterrestrial travel and seeking new frontiers sparked excitement and imagination.

Science fiction media also brought interstellar worlds to life throughout the 20th century. From early literary classics like War of the Worlds to iconic franchises like Star Trek and Star Wars, the genre grew a devoted fandom. The boundless creativity of sci-fi storytelling seeped into other cultural domains like art, architecture, product design, and yes—fashion.

So by the time uchuu kei originated, the influences of real-world space discovery and fictional space fantasy had already primed Japanese youth culture for this intergalactic style concept.

Key Elements of Uchuu Kei Fashion

Three individuals dressed in vibrant Uchuu Kei fashion with colorful hair and eclectic accessories in a modern setting.
Step into a cosmic fantasy with Uchuu Kei fashion, where vivid colors meet playful accessories in a unique style galaxy.

Uchuu kei is ultimately about translating the wonder, mystery, and adventure of cosmic scenery into wearable fashion. Some signature elements include:

Color Schemes and Patterns

Deep blues, vibrant purples, metallic silvers and golds make up iconic uchuu kei color schemes. These shades evoke imagery of space phenomena like nebulas, galaxies, and supernovas. Uchuu kei patterns also draw from astronomy photography and diagram illustrations. Prints may feature astrological symbols, spacecraft, abstract shapes, and celestial maps.

Futuristic Silhouettes

Uchuu kei garments use exaggerated, asymmetric, or deconstructed proportions to achieve an interstellar look. Some examples include:

  • Oversized jackets and coats with dramatic shoulders or cropped hemlines
  • Avant-garde dresses with sculptural shapes
  • Layered, voluminous tops playing with gravity-defying drapes
  • High-waisted pants with abundant pleats, buttons, and pockets

Shiny metallics and iridescent fabrics complement these futuristic silhouettes. Uchuu kei style also shows a DIY spirit, with many garments customized through decorations like chains, buckles, or studs.

Accessories and Beauty

No uchuu kei outfit is complete without fun galactic accessories! Statement headpieces are a staple, like oversized bows, towering hats, or headbands with alien adornments. Eyecatching jewelry takes inspiration from spaceships, planets, satellites, and more. Bold holographic makeup, galaxy-themed nail art, and cosmic body paint push the interstellar theme.

Platform shoes with exaggerated soles and heels also play with gravity, adding height and a space-traveling illusion. Accessories made with clear vinyl or plastics resemble space helmet visors or futuristic armor. Overall, uchuu kei accessories aim to launch ordinary outfits into extraordinary realms.

Cultural Impact and Evolution

A group of individuals showcasing a modern interpretation of traditional Asian attire, blending historical elements with contemporary fashion influences.
A mesmerizing blend of tradition and modernity, showcasing vibrant textures and eclectic styles that redefine cultural apparel.

While uchuu kei first emerged among Japanese youth subcultures, its aesthetic influence has since reached much wider audiences. The style made some crossover into Western markets in the early 2000s through retailers like Lip Service and music artists like Gwen Stefani.

Today, uchuu kei continues to inspire experimental high fashion designers, DIY hobbyists, and everyday style enthusiasts. You can spot contemporary takes on its cosmic aesthetic in graphic t-shirts, costume play, club wear, cosmetics, nail art, and hair trends. This proves the timeless appeal of mankind gazing longingly at the stars in search of imaginative escape.

In recent years, technology has also made galactic style more accessible. Special effects makeup tutorials on YouTube recreate otherworldly alien illusions. Futuristic fashion tech like LED lights, holograms, and 3D printing push more possibilities. And celebrities often flaunt cosmic couture looks for publicity stunts or themed events.

While uchuu kei originated decades ago, its interstellar creativity keeps making comebacks anytime public imagination fixates on the mysteries of space. As science makes more progress exploring our universe, fashion will surely follow—launching inspiration into stylistic wormholes we can only dream of!

How to Style Uchuu Kei Outfits for Different Occasions

Three people in vibrant, futuristic Uchuu Kei outfits, incorporating bold neon colors, metallic fabrics, and playful accessories that reflect a cosmic aesthetic.
Vivid hues and futuristic accessories come together for a bold, interstellar Uchuu Kei fashion statement.

Uchuu Kei Fashion, a style that branches off from Fairy Kei with its unique outer space and alien motifs, offers a vibrant and imaginative fashion statement. This style, inspired by the ’90s, incorporates neon, cool colors, metallics, and futuristic elements, making it perfect for those looking to express their love for the cosmos through their wardrobe. Here’s how to style Uchuu Kei outfits for various occasions, ensuring you stand out in the best way possible.

Casual Outings

For a day out with friends or a casual stroll, start with a metallic or neon tutu skirt paired with a cropped shirt featuring space-themed prints. Add leggings or knee-high socks for comfort and layer with a customized denim jacket adorned with patches of stars, planets, or your favorite sci-fi characters. Finish the look with sneakers or platform shoes and accessorize with chunky pastel jewelry and a cute-themed bag or purse.

Work or School

To adapt Uchuu Kei for a more subdued environment like work or school, opt for a silver or cool-colored flared skirt and a pastel blouse. Incorporate space-themed accessories subtly, such as a small alien pin on your collar or a galaxy print scarf. Choose comfortable footwear like Mary-Janes or low-profile sneakers. A metallic or pastel backpack with space motifs can add a fun touch to your ensemble while being practical.

Evening Events

For evening events or parties, elevate your Uchuu Kei outfit with a shimmering metallic dress or a neon tutu skirt paired with a sleek, black crop top. Accessorize with futuristic jewelry, such as holographic bracelets or earrings shaped like stars or moons. Opt for high-heeled platforms or boots to add sophistication. A statement metallic or holographic clutch will complete your cosmic look, making you the star of the night.

Festivals or Conventions

Festivals or conventions are the perfect occasions to fully embrace the Uchuu Kei aesthetic. Go all out with a layered neon dress, metallic leggings, and a vibrant, customized denim vest. Accessorize with oversized hair bows, cute bow clips, or even space buns adorned with alien-themed accessories. Footwear can be bold, with brightly colored boots or embellished platform shoes. Don’t forget to add a mix of chunky jewelry and perhaps even a themed prop or two to truly embody the Uchuu Kei spirit.

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Tips for Every Occasion

  • Layering is Key: Uchuu Kei thrives on creative layering. Mix and match different textures and colors for a dynamic look.
  • Accessorize Wisely: Choose accessories that complement the theme without overwhelming your outfit. Think alien pins, star-shaped earrings, and galaxy-print bags.
  • Customization: Personalize your items with patches, pins, or DIY elements to make your outfit uniquely yours.
  • Comfort: While style is important, ensure your outfit is comfortable for the occasion, especially when it comes to footwear.

Uchuu Kei offers endless possibilities for self-expression through fashion. Whether you’re dressing for a casual day out or a special evening event, incorporating elements of this style can add a playful and imaginative twist to your wardrobe. Keep in mind that the key to nailing the Uchuu Kei look is in the details and your personal touch, so don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with your outfits!

Person with a charming smile wearing pastel Uchuu Kei fashion, complete with a whimsical star-shaped hat, soft purple wavy hair, and a playful, heart-patterned dress accented with lace and fluffy details.
Dive into the sweet world of kawaii with soft pastels and adorable accessories for a charming look.

Uchuu Kei fashion is all about rockin’ that outer space vibe! You take inspiration from aliens, planets, stars – the whole cosmic shebang – and channel it into neon brights, metallic chromes, and otherwordly patterns. I’m talking spaceships, galaxies, maybe a cute alien face or two. Trippy, right?

Pair those interstellar prints with some black, grays, and icy silvers and you’ve got a futuristic look that definitely stands out. It’s like you stepped off a UFO! The cool thing is you can mix things up with different cosmic combos. As long as it looks sci-fi, you’re golden.

I gotta say, I’m lovin’ this quirky space style. It lets you get creative and show off your stellar fashion sense. Add some alien earrings, a holographic backpack, maybe rock a pair of planet-print leggings – the options are infinite when you’re inspired by the mysteries of space! Uchuu Kei lets you be the star in your own universe. Now don’t you want to blast off and give this look a spin?

Wondering Where to Shop for Uchuu Kei Style? Here are some great brands to check out:

Uchuu Kei fashion is all about channeling the mystery and wonder of the cosmos through whimsical, otherworldly clothing and accessories. If you want to try out this look, where are some good places to shop? Let me share some ideas.

While no brands are specifically Uchuu Kei, some Fairy Kei designers like SPANK!, Claudia & Finny, and Sixh are a good bet. Since Fairy Kei and Uchuu Kei have similar vibes with pastels and playful motifs, you can likely find pieces that work.

I’d also browse Etsy since independent creators offer one-of-a-kind Uchuu Kei items you won’t find elsewhere. I’m talking alien hoodies, star print blouses – it’s a treasure trove of cosmic finds!

And don’t forget to peek at Kawaii Goods’ Fairy Kei selections too. Their stuff like starry tights and planetary sweaters can totally rock an Uchuu Kei look when styled right.

The main thing is to get creative and make Uchuu Kei your own. Mix and match pieces from all over – go vintage or DIY if you want. Doing your thing is what it’s all about! Let me know if you need any other recommendations. I’m happy to help!

Notable Uchuu Kei Designers

Joyful individual with playful pink bunny ears headband, dual-toned pink and blue bob haircut, round glasses, vibrant red lipstick, carrying a cute plush toy backpack with whimsical charms.
Strike a playful balance with geeky glasses and a dash of pink for a fun, fresh look.

Several Japanese designers helped cement uchuu kei in street fashion history while also evolving the movement. Here are some of the most influential labels:


  • Founded in Tokyo, 1999
  • Known for deconstructed, avant-garde garments with sci-fi edge
  • Celebrities like Namie Amuro and Megumi Ohori sported early designs
  • Uses holograms, plexiglass, LED lights, and metals for futuristic textiles


  • Launched in 2002 under fashion house Y’s Enterprises
  • Blends French romanticism and science fiction influences
  • Features voluminous shapes, sculptural silhouettes, shimmery fabrics
  • Current designer Kensuke Ishizu aims for a multi-dimensional experience


  • Streetwear label launched in 2018 by Yohji Yamamoto
  • YMO co-designed pop artist Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s 2019 tour outfits
  • Exaggerated, asymmetric cuts paired with bright colors and prints
  • Continues Yamamoto’s legacy of avant-garde wearable art

Sebastian Masuda

  • Iconic stylist and creative director, NOT a clothing label
  • Pioneer of Tokyo’s “kawaii” Harajuku fashion scene since 1990s
  • Sculpts concept clothing and accessories evoking uchuu kei style
  • Collaborates with celebrities like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry

While these designers stand out, uchuu kei ultimately stems from youth street fashion. Teens crafting their own customized outfits sparked the movement—not prestigious ateliers. This DIY spirit and hunger for self-expression through style remain at the core of uchuu kei decades later. The cosmic aesthetic empowers everyday individuals to reach for the stars with imagination.

Embracing Uchuu Kei Fashion

Two trendy individuals, one with vibrant blue and red streaked hair and glasses, the other sporting a goatee, wearing casual black tops with bright suspenders and quirky mask-shaped bags.
Couple goals in tech-inspired outfits and vibrant hair—where style meets play!

If you really wanna shine in Uchuu Kei threads, it’s gotta come from within too. I’m talking about embracing that creative, give-no-care attitude that the Harajuku scene is all about. It’s your chance to break free from the normies and be your quirky alien self!

Show off your love for all things kawaii with some cuddly alien sweaters or a holographic backpack. Accessorize with star earrings or a planet pendant necklace. Have fun and get playful with it! No rules, just intergalactic vibes.

The thing is, Uchuu Kei fashion isn’t just throwing on some space clothes. It’s your outer space alter ego coming to life! Let your inner alien queen or cyborg diva shine. Rock fluorescent orange lips with a pastel wig and cosmic leggings – be a supernova of self-expression!

So come on, don’t be afraid to boldly go where no fashionista has gone before. With Uchuu Kei, the universe is your runway. Strut your stuff and show the world how a cosmic cutie does style! What better way to channel your individuality than through the infinite possibilities of space fashion?

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