In recent decades, women’s leather jackets have achieved much recognition in fashion. These leather jackets are continuously improving with respect to style. And these changing designs keep women trapped in their admiration because a leather jacket is the only garment that can spice up any dressing!

A fashion-forward woman needs to keep her daily style fresh and updated. Therefore, leather jackets for women are an essential part of her wardrobe. We recommend that every woman should own a leather jacket because trends come and go but timeless wardrobe staples last forever. The leather jacket is nothing short of an enduring fashion piece.

There are many different types of leather jackets available, and each one of them has its own unique style and characteristics. Leather jackets do not come cheap and therefore they are regarded as an investment piece. So before spending any money you need to know the best types of leather jackets on hand for women. Take a look at the range of leather jackets available at Marks and Spencers

Below are the types of leather jackets that might interest you in one way or the other. However, you may choose according to what suits you best.

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Bomber jacket

leather bomber jackets for women

The bomber jacket is also known as an aviator jacket because it was first worn by pilots. However, now leather bomber jackets for women are available in various flattering and awesome designs. The common elements include plain leather style with a moderate-sized collar and front pockets. It also comes featured with stretchable cuffs and hems to guarantee the perfect fit and insulation. In the recent era, the bomber jacket is the most trending fashion item. Every woman loves it because it goes perfectly with almost any outfit by giving it a smart-casual look.        

Biker jacket

Leather Biker jacket for women

The biker jacket is truly a shining armor for women that make them look attractive and sexy. With their pointed snap collar and clean angled front zipper, biker jackets emanate an iconic aura. These timeless beauties always look great with any outfit.

For women who prefer to go bold even in their casual attire, biker jackets are a must-have in their wardrobes. Once a symbol of rebellion and mostly worn by rock stars, the biker jacket now plays an important role in any casual dressing style.

Racer jacket

Leather Racer jacket for women

This is a simpler and minimalist version of the biker jacket. The motorcycle racer jacket works for the ‘simple is more’ campaign. It has a central symmetric front zipper style with a snap collar and standard zipper pockets. All these characteristics contribute to the jacket’s look and feel. If you don’t like to make loud comebacks, then this jacket is just for you!   

Leather blazer

Types of Leather blazer for Women

A blazer made out of leather? Well, that’s talking about sophistication that a jacket cannot compete with. Blazers are more cultured and graceful. Leather blazers look good when worn in a workplace context. The collar and pockets make it a perfect selection for any formal setting. Working women who wish to keep their dressing formal and proper, the leather blazer is their greatest bet!

Shearling jacket

Shearling jacket

For beating the winters with fashionable attire, pick the shearling jacket. These jackets are lined with wool fleece which makes them a warm garment. It also has a signature fur collar and cuffs giving it a chic look. Greatly trendy and modern yet exceptionally warm and cozy, the shearling jacket is perfect for colder months.

Collarless jacket

Collarless leather jacket women's

A women’s collarless jacket is an unusual take on the leather jacket. However, they bring appeal to women looking for stylish and casual dressing. These jackets do not endorse any prominent features or embellishments. They work best when worn open in the summer. So if you wish to add distinct clothing items to your wardrobe, then this jacket is made for you.

Hooded jacket

Hooded leather jacket women

Are you living in freezing temperatures? Well, no need to get all layered up and look like a yeti from the North Pole! With a leather hooded jacket, you can be as fashionable as you want to be. The inner lining of the jacket keeps you warm and the hoodie covers up your head and saves you from the incoming frost. The drawstrings around the cover allow you to adjust the hood as per your comfort and requirement. Some hooded jackets even come with a detachable hood.

Fringed jacket

Fringed leather jacket women

The fringed jacket is for those women who are looking for some extra spice and added drama. These jackets have a prominent pointed collar and fringes. It has a unique vibe which makes it a perfect choice for women who want to infuse contemporary and rich style in a single piece. At first, the fringed jacket was popular amongst cowboys but now it serves as nothing less than a distinct fashion statement.

Belted jacket

Belted jacket women

A belted jacket is usually mid-length providing extra body coverage. The magnificence of this jacket lies in its belt. The belt is purposefully placed to outline the waist. This type of jacket comes with a variety of collar styles. Some have wide shawl lapels and others have large pointed collars.

Scuba jacket

Women's Scuba Jackets

Made out of premium leather, the scuba leather jacket has a classic cut which is always on-trend. It is a simple yet smart jacket for women with exceptional taste in fashion. It displays a full zip in front with a snap-tab collar and slip-in hand pockets. The sleeves are zippered at the cuffs and the entire interior is lined.


Choosing the best amongst the rest is quite a task! And we feel your despair. But the best way to overcome this job is to weigh down your options. Make a list of pros and cons. You know your style, your likes, and your comfort level.

Leather jackets are surely a style statement for fashion-savvy women. Every woman has their own aesthetics and preference and there is a leather jacket that caters to each one of them. In the article above, we have mentioned the different types and designs of leather jackets. So, what are you waiting for? Pick a jacket that you find most enticing.

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