You’re browsing through a market, aimlessly looking around for things that look interesting. One or two things have caught your eye, but nothing particularly memorable until just this moment. You just spotted the absolute perfect hat; it’s exactly your style! You walk over to take a look, the label says it’s handmade, it also says ‘one size fits most.’ You ask for the price; it’s reasonable. All that’s left is for it to fit well. So, you fit it on, only to find that it feels like a vice grip clamping around your head!

Does that sound even remotely familiar? Everyone is built differently, and some guys just have bigger heads than others. Nothing to be ashamed of, it’s natural and probably proportionate to your overall size. Still, finding hats that look and feel okay on a big head can be challenging. Or maybe you’re worried that any Custom Hats you wear look like it was made for a child? You could forgo the hat altogether, but sometimes the weather calls for it. Of course, there’s still hope.

Here are five types of hats that are good for bigger-than-average heads.

1. Hats That Suit Your Face Shape

Naturally, you’ll want any hat you wear to look good. A good hat is a hat that looks and feels good. This isn’t a mere matter of how the hat looks aesthetically. It’s a matter of how well the shape of a hat fits your face and head shape. For those with big heads, ensuring a hat fits your natural shape can make all the difference about how you look in a hat. This is something to consider whenever you look for good hats for big heads.

Good Hats For Big Heads

Yes, face shapes differ. Faces can generally be considered long, square, round, oval, heart, or diamond face shape. Different face shapes will work better with different hat styles, which can help your confidence if you have a bigger head and worry about how hats look on you. For example, rounder face shapes pair well with hats that have more angular shapes, while longer face shapes often pair well with wide and wide-brimmed hats. Determine your face shape and discover what style of hat may suit you best.

Remember that the face-shape rule is only a guide. You shouldn’t be discouraged from wearing a hat you love just because it may not fit the description of what hat works with your face shape.

2. Large Hats 

If you’re reading this article, this point probably sounds somewhat redundant to you. Big heads need large hats. Fortunately, many hat manufacturers will make their hats in a range of sizes. However, there are some styles of hats that are often bigger and easier to find in larger sizes.

If you’re looking for something more formal, fedoras are often considered one of the best hat styles for larger heads. Everyday hats that’ll often be bigger include sun hats, bucket hats, straw hats, flat caps, and any other large-brimmed hat that’s intended for hot weather

3. Stretchy Hats

If it’s able to stretch, chances are it’ll be more comfortable on a larger head. However, being stretchy won’t help if it’s still too small. Make sure you don’t buy stretchy headwear that’s stretched to the max when it’s on your head.

Beanies are the most obvious choice when it comes to stretchy head accessories. Running caps are another great option. You can usually find them at sports stores and may find something with a bit of stretch. Both running caps and beanies are usually easily available in various sizes. 

4. Adjustable Hats

Adjustable hats are probably the most common casual hats worn today. These are some of the most standardized hats available, making it difficult to find a fit for bigger heads. Snapbacks, baseball caps, dad caps, and peak caps are some of the hats that fall into this category.

Luckily, a bit of searching will probably find you a retailer that sells these in larger sizes. You may need to pay a little extra, but it’s worth it to get something you love.

5. Head Wraps and Scarves

Some people won’t consider head wraps and scarves hats, which they technically aren’t. But they’re still head accessories and just about the best thing if your head is bigger than average. You can wrap it, adjust the size, and style it however you like. They come in all sorts of designs and materials as well. Truly, these are great head accessories, especially if you struggle to find hats that fit because you can tie them to fit just right.

Head wraps are most often seen worn by women for religion, fashion, or to control their hair. Still, many men worldwide from different cultures wear head wraps for various reasons. They can still be a fashion statement for men but are also excellent for sun protection.  


There you have it. This list might have been different from what you might’ve expected. Hopefully, it helps you find a hat that fits your head exactly the way you need it to. Shop around with this list in mind, and you’ll eventually find a hat that fits you and fulfills your needs. Most hats will state their circumference on the label. If you measure your head beforehand, your hat shopping will be much easier. Happy hat hunting!

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