5 Dos and Don'ts of Travel Fashion
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Traveling is one of the joys of life. Two fundamental concepts should guide your travel attire, regardless of whether you’re aiming for the ideal comfort or maximum style. First, your outfit should be just comfy enough so you’ll be able to sit for a few hours without feeling dizzy because of the discomfort. Second, this is the first outfit you’ll be sporting when you get to your destination and we all love to make a great first impression. So, read on to find out some more dos and don’ts of travel style.

1. Do pack some basics

When you’re on the road, the basic elements are your best option. Make an effort to create a travel wardrobe that is easy to mix and match, so that your outfits can be put together in a matter of minutes. You won’t have to worry about clashing colors if you keep it reasonably neutral. Preparation is key, so stock up on quality tie-dye shirts and other essentials like some well-fitting pants and shorts. A denim jacket is a must-have item for every suitcase! You’ll be well on your way to packing light by keeping your outfit basic and attractive and sticking to complimentary colors.

2. Don’t clumsily pack your clothes

It’s very important to pack your clothes adequately. If you just scrunch them up and toss them into your travel bag, you will end up with horribly wrinkled clothing and even some potentially damaged pieces. When packing T-shirts and pants, your best bet is to roll them up and to stack them one next to another. Put delicate clothes in a mesh bag so they’re separated from the rest. Also, if you’re bringing a suit or a formal dress with you, make sure to have it in a special garment bag. This way it will be adequately protected.

3. Do take care of stains during the trip

If you’re going on a bit longer trip, you don’t have to bring your entire wardrobe with you to stay stylish. If you bring your detergent with you and a bit of softener you can easily hand wash your garments if you accidentally stain them, or if some pieces need refreshing. It can also be a great idea to use the laundry services such as dry or green cleaning. If you’re traveling to Illinois, make sure to visit the best green cleaning in Chicago while you’re there. They will take care of both your clothing and the environment.

4. Do have some patterned pieces on hand

When it comes to traveling style, it shouldn’t be much different from your regular one, but there are still some things to keep in mind. Previously, we’ve mentioned basics and how easy they can be matched and make a simple yet effective outfit. However, some people love their bright colors and patterns and wouldn’t like to stop wearing them for the sake of travel. There’s an interesting thing about patterns for you – patterned fabrics don’t look bad wrinkled up. Sometimes, you won’t even notice the crinkles in your patterned skirts and shirts, making them ideal for travel. So, patterned or basics – the choice is yours.

5. Don’t ostracize sweatpants

Sweats are the world’s favorite piece of clothing for traveling and for a reason. They are cozy, have an elastic waistband, and are warm. You don’t have to look shabby while in sweatpants. If you pair them with a matching top, add some delicate jewelry, and a nice bag, you’ll look as stylish as ever. Make sure that the sweats are dark though, especially if you’re planning to travel in them. Stains tend to be easier to spot on lighter fabrics and while on the plane you can easily make a mark on your clothing, especially if you eat when there’s some turbulence. 

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