Streetwear has a wide variety of styles and fits, and if you haven’t upgraded your wardrobe to get with the times, this article is for you. Whether you’re an ex-skinny jeans lover or are a bit of a skater, upgrading your wardrobe for a streetwear style will ensure that you are with the times. Streetwear doesn’t really exist anymore, with the term streetwear being adopted for almost anything in this generation, it has certainly been diluted.

Streetwear was once from small independent brands that want to get their messaging and or their art out onto the street, but with top designers from around the world, it has somewhat taken the essence away from what it stands for. There is no denying that there are many luxury brands that have adopted the streetwear aesthetic and have been seen on the most prestigious catwalks in the world. In this article, we will go through some of the top streetwear brands to be considering for your wardrobe in 2023.

Noah NY

Top New Streetwear Brands: Noah NY
(Photograph: @noahclothing/Instagram).

This brand was founded in 2015 by ex-Supreme creative director Brendon Babenzien. Although this brand was created in 2015, Noah has become rapidly established and is certainly a streetwear brand to consider in 2023. As we said, the term streetwear is used for all forms of styles, and this form of streetwear is an updated, more comfortable form of preppy style. Noah has become a brand that updates timeless classic garments for the modern person.

Aime Leon Dore

Top New Streetwear Brands: Aime Leon Dore
(Photograph: @aimeleondore/Instagram).

The aesthetic of Aime Leon Dore has a combination of prep and street style combined. It has clear influences from a range of styles including classic British designs with a streetwear twist of the 90s. With a combination of washed denim, sporting references jerseys and a range of caps and shirts, there is something for everyone. All are made from premium materials that are going to last. Aime Leon Dore will be a hugely popular streetwear brand in 2023.

Comme De Garcons Play (CDG PLAY)

Comme De Garcons Play
(Photograph: @commedesgarconsberlin/Instagram).

Comme des Garcons is a world-renowned fashion house that has turned its efforts to the streetwear aesthetic. With a great selection of designs and absurd runway shows it is peaking in popularity throughout 2023. The Play symbol is now synonymous with the brand which every streetwear wearer must have. The bug-eyed heart logo has been seen on a range of garments including cardigans, tees, and hoodies and has even collaborated with Converse for a range of high and low tops. Many are wearing this brand and it should be a consideration for your wardrobe in 2023.


Kith Top New Streetwear Brands
(Photograph: @kith/Instagram).

Kith has been around for several years but has only recently started to become more well-known and established. The brand has been created by the renowned Ronnie Fieg and blends both concept store and retailer all in one brand. The brand is more established with collaborations, with his recent collab with Clarks shoes. These items are scarce and not easy to find, so when you do, invest in a piece for yourself, you won’t regret it. Kith’s clothing is extremely versatile and can be combined with a range of styles. From tailored trousers and varsity jackets to hoodies, tees and even a range of knitwear.

The New Blue Collar

The New Blue Collar
(Photograph: @thenewbluecollar/Instagram).

The New Blue Collar is one of the hottest streetwear brands out in 2023. Its smart-casual aesthetic is paving the way for workwear and casual wear all in one place. It is a brand that resonates with the culture of today with more people than ever moving away from the traditional suit and shoes combination. The founders Alex Ewings and Felix Llanos express that the main focus is on functional staples that can be worn every day. The fits are stylish, elevated and fresh with a range of garments. The collection includes a range of tees, shirts, caps, hoodies and a range of accessories.


Yony Streetwear Brands
(Photograph: @yony_la/Instagram).

The pandemic had a lot to do with the transformation of fashion, and with more people than ever wanting more relaxed fits, most brands are now catering to this need. Gone are the days of skinny jeans and slim-fitting pieces for more tailored relaxed fits. With this in mind, Yony started in the pandemic and has recently hit the world by storm. The brand has gone back in time when craftsmanship and sourcing were important factors in the clothing people wore. Yony source and create all of its items in the States and resonates a style back to the 50s.

Brain Dead

brain dead streetwear
(Photograph: @wearebraindead/Instagram).

Brain dead is what many see as the classic style of streetwear and is what makes streetwear an exciting aesthetic. The brand has a whole range of designers and artists behind the designs and is ever-growing. The great factor about Brain Dead is the fact that they are completely individual, unique and extremely creative. This brand sets itself apart from everyone else and follows no rules. The main inspiration for this brand is the skater mentality combined with comic book references. This is certainly a top streetwear brand for 2023. 

Gods Gift

Gods Gift Street Wear
(Photograph: @_godsgiftapparel/Instagram).

Gods Gift is a British brand that aims for luxury streetwear that combines comfort and effortless style. The brand incorporates the best quality fabrics and techniques from around the world. They offer modern takes on classic cuts and silhouettes with a modern twist. The luxury streetwear brand offers a range of garments including its staple designer tracksuits, luxury hoodies, overshirts and much more. Keep an eye out for this brand in 2023.

Many brands are becoming more popular in 2023, and with these streetwear brands already having some establishment, this is the year where they are all going to peak.

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