5 Top E-Girl Style Trends for the Spring

Today’s young adults bring back goth and blend Japanese streetwear into the mix to make a fun and electrified, colorful modern goth.  This eclectic blend of hot, new fashion incorporates the latest trends of E-girl fashion to showcase individuality and, of course, the natural angst that comes with adolescence. The need to dress authentically is especially important to Gen Z, a generation that intensely values advocating for the public and individuality. One of the trends emerging from these groups is the E-girl trend, gaining a cult following with its blend of goth and Japanese streetwear. If you’re interested in E-girl style, consider the five ideas below to create epic Spring looks.

1. Pastel Tones With Edge

One thing that sets Gen Z apart from other generations is the need to blend different looks and concepts to create aesthetics that align with modern values. In the past, pastel tones were their fad, i.e., (clothing considered girly or reserved for the springtime).

Today, however, the primary fashion advice is to wear pastel tones, ironically, with darker colors to evoke light and dark concepts for pastel goth clothing. Today’s teens and young adults want you to know that you don’t have to choose between being tough or being soft, and you can blend the two and be who you are.

Pastel Tones With Edge

2. Plaid Tops And Bottoms

Like the goth trends of the past, plaid is back with more edge than ever before. You can find neon pink and electric blue tops and bottoms with plaid and checkered patterns, all of which have only grown in popularity since the 90s.

The classic schoolgirl skirt with fishnets is also back in style, as is the Spring favorite: the long-sleeve flannel. Flannels are a gender-neutral favorite that has been a wardrobe staple for decades.

3. Spandex Mid-length Shorts

A popular workout pant from the 80s is back and with a modern twist. Broker shorts are no longer exclusively for the athletic, but can be a great addition to work into any outfit.

Whether you’re headed off to school or the gym, these shorts are now considered a go-to option for wherever the day may take you.

Pair your spandex mid-length workout shorts with oversize long sleeve or short sleeve graphic t-shirts to make a statement. Be sure to complete your look with your favorite sneakers. This look is also popular with baggy sweaters and sweatshirts.

4. Grunge And Minimalist Jewelry

Today’s young adults like jewelry that blends grunge and minimalism; these two are the perfect combination for layered looks.

Layered necklaces, chokers, bangles, and even ankle bracelets are now incorporated into everyday outfits as thoughtfully considered accessories.

Pair your minimalist moon necklace with your chunky Tiffany’s heart necklace knock-off and look ready for the day with E-girl-approved style.

5. Messy Hair Buns

Wearing your hair in a messy bun with pieces hanging down is considered more than a cute last-minute hairdo. Instead, it is the well-thought-out look that you’ve spent time putting together. Accessorize with different hair clips and go for metallic tones to stay on theme with your slightly edgy look.

Messy hair buns are now a go-to hairstyle and are viewed similarly to how they were viewed in the 90s. Gather up your bobby pins and hairspray and put your hair together to suggest you care too much and too little at the same time.

Mix and Match To Create E-girl Style

E-girl trends are about creating contradictions through style. But considering the above ideas, you can begin creating outfits that are unique to you and the season’s trends. By mixing and matching different looks that speak to you, you can create your own E-girl aesthetic while still following the seasonal trends for this Spring.

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