Short women often face a problem when it comes to being taken seriously in the workplace. Although there are many factors that influence the perception of a short woman at work, fashion is certainly one of them and color ranks as a very important aspect of fashion.

Whether or not a petite woman works in an environment that requires business/formal attire or in a somewhat more casual workplace, she may be able to elevate her status at work by presenting a more powerful appearance, one that centers on wearing certain power colors to work.

Powerful women wear colors associated with power, so following suit can give a petite woman an extra boost without the high heels that she may also choose to wear to make herself more noticeable.

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The top power colors for short women are

  • Black – Wear a serious color and be taken more seriously.
  • Navy – There’s a shade of navy that will flatter any woman; find yours, and you have a wear-to-work hue that’s timeless.
  • Charcoal – Very dark gray may work better than black for short women who have fair skin.
  • Red – You’ll be noticed in red; it’s a very strong color and indicates confidence from the woman who wears it.
  • Cobalt blue – Cobalt blue is not only an attention-grabber but it’s also associated with true blue loyalty, something every employer can appreciate.
  • Purple – Purple was once only worn by royalty, so it has a certain caché.

On the other hand, avoid wearing colors that look too much like hues little girls would wear, namely, pink and pastel tones. Although a petite woman may look great in pink, the girlish association won’t be much of a status builder in the workplace, so save the pretty-in-pink look for occasions other than work.

Best colors for petite women

Petite people should wear bright colors to create more “space” in their outfits. Popular colors for petite workwear include black, white, gray, and the wearer’s favorite color. Petites can also wear a blazer with petite pants in a different color or skip the blazer altogether and pair a petite dress with a belt in the same color as the dress.

Petite women’s workwear trends

Popular petite workwear trends include blouses, suits, dresses, suit separates, and business and professional attire. Petite women should also look for cropped silhouettes instead of tunic tops, gathered or wrap dresses instead of shirtdresses, and fitted layering instead of oversize layering.

Petite women workwear

Popular petite workwear includes blouses, suits, dresses, suit separates, and business and professional attire. Petite women can also find knit blazers, tweed skirts, plaid trousers, and shirt dresses in petite sizes.


Petite workwear dresses are available from a variety of retailers, including Amazon, White House Black Market, Macy’s, Ann Taylor, and Dillard’s. These dresses come in a range of styles, from shift dresses to pleated flares.


Petite workwear trousers are available from various retailers, including Hobbs, Nordstrom, Extra Petite, PixieGirl, and Corporette. These trousers come in various styles, from straight-leg trousers to bootcut trousers.


Petite workwear skirts are available from a variety of retailers, including Macy’s, Nordstrom, Amazon, Ann Taylor, and Talbots. These skirts come in a range of styles, from pencil skirts to A-line skirts.

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