Tips To Mix and Match Your White Shirt For Any Occasion
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One of the must-have outfits that any woman needs to have in their closet is a plain white shirt. This is the ultimate classic attire that can be styled however you want to – and you will still look incredible in it. You can wear it for a casual look, work attire, a fun night out with your friends, and even suitable for a date night.

Your options to style white shirt are endless. You can just mix and match it with your other outfit in order to make it look stylish. Scroll down below to find the perfect recommendations on how to style your white shirt gorgeously!

White shirt with culottes

Mixing your white shirt with culottes can be your go-to style for a working attire. For a formal-looking outfit, you can wear your black culottes. For a more casual style, you can wear culottes with a unique pattern. Another tip to make your outfit look more trendy, you should button down your shirt and wear a stiletto as a footwear choice. And Voila, you will look amazing!

White shirt with a flowy skirt

You can combine a white shirt with a flowy skirt to achieve a more feminine look. To enhance your style, you should choose a skirt with a bold color or a unique patterned motif. This can help to give a beautiful twist to your outfit. To find a perfect flowy skirt for your white shirt, you can check here.

This outfit combination is ideal to be used as a work outfit or if you want to wear it to hang out with your friends, this will also look gorgeous!

A white shirt under a sweater

Because of its color, a white shirt is the safest outfit choice which you can combine easily. If you aim for a smart-looking outfit, you can wear your button-up shirt and layer it with a sweater. Don’t forget to make sure that the collar of your shirt is visible, and you can also adorn reading glasses on your face as an additional fashion item.

If you want to look more casual, you can wear a sweater vest instead. This outfit combination is currently on the rave because it can give you a smart casual look and can be perfect to use for any occasion.

White shirt with an obi belt

Give your plain white shirt an eye-catching touch by wearing an obi belt over it. Obi was originally a belt that was used for Japanese clothing, but nowadays it has become famous for all fashionistas because it really can help to enhance a simple style. There are lots of obi belt selections that you can find, based on their size, models, and material.  Wearing an obi belt on your outfit will not only elevate how you look, but it can also help you to show the curves of your body. 

White shirt and denim

For a casual weekend, you can dress down your white shirt by matching it with ripped boyfriend jeans. Depending on your schedule for the day, you can style this look with heels, flats, or even a sneaker. Whichever you choose, you will look dashing!

White shirt with corset tops

Layering your white shirt with corset tops is all the rage nowadays. This is because a corset is an ultimate way to dress up your casual attire and elevate it to look more elegant. Not only help to enhance your style, but a corset can also help to hide your belly fat effectively and thus make your body look slimmer. This is a perfect outfit combination for a night out with your friends!

White shirt with a blazer

What is the best way to make your outfit look formal? Definitely by wearing a blazer on top of your classic white shirt. Opt to wear a black blazer and black trousers, to create a monochrome style. Roll up the sleeves of your blazer, and button down your white shirt. You will look professional and definitely dashing!

Crop white shirt with black legging

If you have a crop white shirt instead of the classic one –  you can style it with black leggings and complete your style with a black beret. This is the ultimate classic Parisian look!

Your white shirt is considered to be a versatile wardrobe that can be worn in any season and on any occasion. This is because it can be safe to mix and match your white shirt with another outfit without worrying whether it will be too much or not!

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