Tips on Creative Fashion Videos

The fashion market is always so competitive. With all the new trends coming each day, you have to come up with some fresh ideas and keep up with the new trends to attract new audiences and maintain your number of followers. However, you have to come up with daily fashion and style videos if you want to reach a larger audience and get ranked higher. So if you are looking to give your page a vibrant taste, here are a few things you can start with:

Create videos representing different body types

People come in many different body shapes and sizes. The fashion industry shows that just one body type is ideal for fashion. We say that with the right clothing and combination, everyone is fashionable. Create a video representing different body types and show how fashion can help elevate self-esteem, and boost confidence. This way, you can reach out to people of all shapes and sizes.

Colors for different skin tones

Make a video for your audience and teach them how to match the right color of their outfits with their skin tone. Make videos on topics such as the color wheel and which colors go with one another and which colors contrast different complexions. Promote inclusivity by providing fashion advice for different skin tones in order to bring out the beauty of each skin tone.

Talk about your journey

You may be a fashion student, or you may just love style and fashion. Video content is storytelling, so show your followers how you got here. Talk about the dreams you had before fashion, your struggles, what inspired you, and what you aspire to do further.

Create a lookbook

Lookbooks were used to show a brand’s collection and show the audience how they should wear their products. But ever since video took over, lookbooks have been more about putting together outfits for different occasions as people are looking for inspiration for styling. So, creating a lookbook video is the first fashion video idea if you want to reach a larger audience on your page. Create a video series with your before and after looks, best looks, failures, tips you learned, and how you found your style so you can encourage the audience to find theirs.

Create and share your fashion journal

Every fashion lover must have had a fashion journal. Therefore, if you have one, show your audience some of the content. Instead, you can make a DIY video creation, if you don’t have one. Show your audience how to design a fashion journal to note down ideas, looks, and combinations, and keep track of the latest trends.

Review small brands

Many of your followers may not always shop at big companies like Gucci. Therefore, it is best if you make video reviews about small brands where your followers might buy clothes at affordable prices. Moreover, you need to visit thrift stores, small clothing brands, or their websites. Try out their clothing, and give your audience an unfiltered review of their work.

Take inspirations

You can always get inspired by your favorite characters from movies, TV shows, or music. In your videos, you can imitate their looks or recreate a look inspired by their style. Talk about how each costume tells a story about the personality of that person. If you are inspired by music, make sure to match the song’s vibe, tone, and lyrics. You can also review and rate outfits from movies or music videos.

Stay on top of trends

While fashion is always evolving, and new trends are constantly coming up, you have to keep an eye on the latest trends, and prepare your audience for what is coming next. Social medias have been a key factor in promoting new trends on fashion and other different industries.

Make styling videos

Since people are always looking for new ways to style their outfits, styling videos is the first thing that comes to their minds. Creators of styling videos tend to inspire others with their combinations, styling tips, hacks, and mistakes made in fashion.

You could always try sharing your creative side of the content you produce in social medias that currently have a large audience. Like every start of a business, social medias also need marketing, there are a lot of useful blogs and articles about Instagram Marketing, Facebook Marketing or even Tiktok Marketing, using the internet for these purposes almost always guarantees growth for your online presence. There are a couple of ways to make good videos for promotional purposes but make sure you choose the right one that fits your requirements.

Make a professional video, as video production services in Kosovo offer all kinds of services. In these videos, you can restyle outfits, style color combinations, restyle old clothes, and make them fashionable in today’s style. Therefore, you need to get your old clothes back and give them an upgrade. And don’t forget to make a video while restyling.


Whether you are a fashion designer, a blogger, or just someone who loves fashion and style and has a page, you must know some tips to reach a bigger audience and give your page a vibrant taste. Giving your followers content from your lookbook, styling tips, and making different videos doing small brand reviews, the story of your journey and struggles to get here.

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