For most people, a hoodie is something they throw on for an added layer of warmth when running errands, going for a walk, or lounging around the house. In fact, this cozy garment has become a loungewear staple. However, a hoodie doesn’t have to be something you throw on just because it’s practical. It can be super stylish too. This article will explore ways to elevate a casual hoodie to make a style statement.

  1. Don’t Go Too Oversized

There is nothing better than feeling snuggly in an oversized jumper or hoodie. However, when you want to wear a hoodie as part of a smarter look, one that is too baggy and swamps your figure can make you look less than smart. If it is an oversized fit you want to go for, only size up once and pair it with tailored pants or jeans to balance the look. Although you should steer clear of massively oversized hoodies and jumpers, it is possible to wear them as dresses instead. Style with a belt to cinch you in at the waist and knee-high boots to really make a statement.

  1. Choose Quality Brands

To elevate your look, choose a jumper or hoodie from brands and stores known for their high quality. Think heavy cotton fabrics, cuff detail, and quality printed graphics. Take a look at the selection of hoodies available at Hydration London for quality designs that scream style and sophistication, allowing you to look effortlessly cool. Higher quality clothing will always make your outfit look upmarket. This type of clothing uses high-quality fabrics that are long-lasting and less prone to tearing, snagging, and falling apart. Investing in high-quality clothing is smart because the clothes will last a long time, whereas cheaper clothing may only last a few months before looking tarnished and worn.

  1. Layer It Under A Jacket

Think you can’t wear a hoodie underneath a smart coat or jacket? Think again. Pair your hoodie with a formal double-breasted coat to add sharpness to an otherwise casual outfit. If smart work jackets aren’t your vibe, you can make your hoodie look stylishly edgy by throwing on a denim, leather, parka, or bomber jacket over the top. If you want to smarten up an athleisure look, consider slipping a padded gilet on top and pairing it with some box-fresh white sneakers.

  1. Embrace Accessories

Accessories can make any outfit look instantly more stylish and put together. Just because you’re wearing a hoodie, it doesn’t mean you should skip the accessory stage. Pair with statement sunglasses, bold earrings, or a chunky watch to add some personality to your outfit.

  1. Think About Color

Color sets the vibe for any outfit. If fun and playful is a look you aspire to attain, then go for bold and bright colors like pinks, blues, and greens to make your outfit pop. If you want to incorporate your hoodie into a more upmarket and sophisticated look, consider gray, black, brown, white, beige, or cream colors. When paired with delicate jewelry, sunglasses, and formal outerwear, these colors can give your outfit a luxurious feel.

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