3 Tips for Choosing Patterned Tights

One of the most amazing aspects of patterned tights is that they are the perfect example of a retro style resurfacing to become one of the leading fashion trends today. While the most common sorts of patterned tights back in the mid-part of the last century were basic fishnets and fishnets with polka dots, today you can find patterned tights in almost every geometric shape imaginable. Also, patterned tights are no longer simply black, the most common color, or white but multi-colored patterned types are all the rage as well. With so many patterns to choose from, how do you make the right choice?

1. Complement the Dress

Although wearing tights is not limited to dresses or skirts, this is the most common way in which they are worn. The first thing to do is make an honest assessment of the dress you want to wear patterned tights with and then decide if they would make the total look too busy. While there are times when busy is better, if you are wearing a pair of high-quality Heist Tights, you will want them to be the focal point of the outfit. Choose a pattern that complements the dress so that the effect doesn’t distract from the look you are after. As a rule of thumb, the simpler the dress in terms of color and pattern, the easier it is to complement with patterned tights.

2. Multi-Purpose Patterned Tights

As odd as that may sound, there is more to patterned tights than simply style. Many of the high-end brands are also body sculpting tights as well. They can shape the legs, flatten the tummy, lift the butt and give you a well-defined shape at the same time as expressing style. Also, you may want to choose tights based on weather, another odd thing to say. Some patterned tights are lightweight, and others are heavier weight for wear in colder months. Each of these factors should be considered when choosing the tights that you want to wear and when you want to wear them.

3. Laundering Care

While you will read that most manufacturers recommend that you never machine launder patterned tights or those meant to shape and sculpt the body, it can be done under great care. Many women have had success with a gentle laundry detergent and a zippered lingerie bag. Always use cold to cool water and never put them in the dryer. There are special clips you can use to dry them on a hanger. If you want them to last at least for a season, treat them like any delicate garment and maybe even with greater care.

So then, how do you choose the right patterned tights? It’s simple in three easy steps. Match them to the outfit you will wear with them most often, decide if you want them to add function to form, and consider how well they will stand up when laundered. Those are the basics, but those three things will help you choose the perfect pair of patterned tights each and every time.

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