Even if looking good on campus is one of your priorities, this can be harder than expected, especially amid sleepless nights and exam stress. If you want to look and feel good when you are on campus, here are some tips that can help you to do this.

·      Shop at Specialist Stores

You might feel uncomfortable with the types of clothing that other students are wearing, or you might struggle to find the perfect clothes in your size. If this is the case, you should not fret, but you should instead consider shopping at specialist stores that have your type of body shape in mind. Stores like shopbric.com or 와우레카 have a wide selection of clothing for those whose bodies do not fit traditional sizing schemes, such as those that are tall or plus-sized. This can help you find fashionable clothes that you love and feel comfortable in, and you do not find that you are relieved to take off at the end of the studying day. These stores mean that you do not have to fall behind with fashion just because you have a different body shape.

·      Choose Comfort Over Style

Although style is important, if you are not comfortable, it is unlikely that you will feel good about yourself or be able to concentrate on your lectures and seminars. This means that it is important to prioritize comfort over style and to find clothes that combine the two to create a perfect campus ensemble that you will want to wear as much as possible and that you will miss whenever it is in the wash. However, comfortable clothing will ensure that you can remain happy throughout the day, even if you are on campus for many hours. It will mean that your body does not suffer for the fashions that you are following.

·      Wear Day to Night Clothing

If your study day only ends a few hours before your evening is due to begin, you should consider wearing clothing that can easily transition between day and night. Not only will this mean less laundry for you, but it will also prevent you from having to worry about what you are going to wear later on in the day. You can transform many outfits from day to night wear, including dresses and jeans, by simply adding high heels or smart shoes, accessories like jewelry and belts, and by changing the jacket that you are wearing, with leather being a popular option.

·      Look for Easy to Care for Clothing

You should also look around for clothing that is easy to care for as this can minimize your stress and the items on your to-do list, as well as ensure that your clothes last for longer. You might look for items that do not need ironing and that can be machine washed at a cool temperature. You might also look for clothes that you can wear multiple times, such as jeans, without having to put them in the laundry. This will mean that you can stay stylish with fewer items in your closet.

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