Tips and Tricks for Dressing for an Early Spring Wedding

There is a lot to be said for early spring weddings. You avoid having to trudge to your wedding in six feet of snow. You don’t have to worry about your guests sweltering in a hundred degree temperatures. And best of all, you get those super sweet off-season prices.

However, early spring weddings aren’t without their challenges, and getting dressed is one of them. Finding the balance between elegance and comfort isn’t easy when it’s still only 40 or so degrees on your big day. Never fear, chilly wedding couple, bridal party, or guest! Our tips and tricks for dressing for an early spring wedding are here to help.

Focus on Fabric

You can show up to a wedding in long sleeves, long pants, or a floor-length dress and still be frozen solid on the dance floor. The trick to dressing for an early spring wedding is not to focus solely on the length of your outfit, but on the fabric. If you’re looking for fabrics that are warm but still formal, consider:

  • Velvet
  • Wool
  • Fleece
  • Leather
  • Fur

Of course, there are times of day when the weather may actually be reasonably warm, especially when you’re in direct sunlight. Your best bet is to wear layers to adjust as the temperature changes.

Bring in Spring Your Colors

Anyone who follows fashion knows it changes with the season, especially when it comes to colors. If you’re styling a spring outfit, look for colors that are associated with the season.

Winter is all about jewel tones, metallics, and neutrals, but spring is all about colors that bring to mind nature, especially flowers. Gentle greens and bright sunny colors like canary yellow and pink are surefire colors, as well as pastels like lilac or sky blue.

Pro Tip: Spring Flowers

If you want to add a little extra spring color to your traditional, white wedding look, an easy way to do it is to wear a flower crown down the aisle. You can add pops of color with colorful roses and lavender, or keep it more monochrome with eucalyptus and baby’s breath.

Liven Up Your Outerwear

Even though we’re out of the winter doldrums, you may still need to wear outwear to be comfortable, so why not embrace it? Even if your wedding is in early spring, fur is still an elegant wedding day choice. And if you’re going for a medieval or fantasy theme wedding, capes are a perfect way to keep warm.

Another popular trend is to wear a formal occasion hat to the wedding, even instead of a veil. Even a hat that isn’t made for cold weather like a cloche or wide-brimmed fedora will keep you a little warmer than if your head was bare.

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