We all know that buying things used or preowned as much as possible is better for the environment and our wallets, but thrifting has become the next big thing in fashion. Whether you have always looked in thrifting shops or you are new to the scene and just like to have a look and see what is out there, there are some bargains to be had. 

Not only do some charity shops or second-hand shops sell things in all conditions, some even new with tags, but you can occasionally find a rare item. Some people have even gotten their hands on luxury brands for a fraction of their worth. 

Where To Shop

Many years ago, people would look down on those wearing hand-me-downs or pre-owned clothes. Now, thrifting and finding yourself a bargain is seen as something amazing and exciting. Many people will visit different charity shops, whether the Red Cross, Goodwill, or any other well-known thrifting location. Not only can you save yourself money and find things to fit your aesthetic, but you are helping reduce waste. 

Some thrift stores will also run special event days, where you can get clothes at an even more reduced rate. Whether this is a day where all t-shirts and tops are reduced by a certain amount or all shoes are reduced and on sale. This happens regularly in some locations and in others will depend on stock.

What To Look Out For

If you are new to thrifting and looking for a way to make some money, you may be looking for things that could be a pre owned designer bags and shoes. In a charity shop or thrift store, these may be marked down heavily due to whoever is pricing them not knowing their worth. There is also the chance that the person who donated them did not say that they were designer, so whoever priced them would not be aware that they have a higher value.

When you think you have found an item that is designer, you will always get more on resale if you have something to prove the authenticity of the label. You can get things authenticated by using a site like Legit Check Shoes, where you will send the shoes you believe to be designed to a company that will perform checks to see if they are. You will pay a nominal fee for this, and in return, you will get the authenticity of their designer nature. Once you have the confirmation, you can then sell the shoes for the price a designer would resale. 

It is possible when looking for designer shoes and handbags to get confused with some amazing dupes. In this situation, just enjoy your very good fake version. You will still have bargain-paid-for shoes when looking in thrift stores. 


Whether you are looking to reduce waste and save yourself money by looking in thrift stores or you are hoping to be one of the lucky ones who finds a designer item for the price of a secondhand pair of shoes. Thrifting is the new thing for fitting out your wardrobe for less. With items for men, women, and children ranging from winter wear to bags and accessories, why not give thrifting a chance for your new wardrobe?

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