Things to Consider When Buying Men's Slim-Fit Chinos

Chinos are the new alternative to the staple denim pants for men. There are times when you want to pick something apart from regular pants and jeans. Chinos might be the new favorite for men since they have an impressive fit and almost go for all occasions. They are easy-to-wear, sexy, chic, and come in a lot of styles. So there’s no second thought on carrying these pants for casual, as well as formal events. When you choose to shop for these pants, make sure that you pick the right ones. Men’s slim-fit chinos are designed to be the right fit for everyone. So, choose them, keeping the factors in mind mentioned below.

The Fit

It is more often a common question that how chinos should fit. Not all chinos have the same fit; they can vary from brand to style. However, the typical chino pants are snugly at the waist, a bit loose at the thighs, and fit below the knees. Chinos need to have a fit somewhere between formal pants and jeans. If you are shopping for them for the first time, ensure that you know your size and pick the right one. If it is still confusing, you can check out pants at Perk Clothing. They have perfect fits in chino pants to choose from.

The Color

While chinos come in a myriad of styles, it is essential to look for some colors that would suit everything in the closet. You may pick neutral colors like blue, black, or grey as they go with all other colors in the wardrobe. There are chances that you find some different impressive colors for a particular occasion. But do not fall for a color that you’d only wear once and will not be able to wear ever again. Even if there are other colors in the closet, make sure you have neutrals for everyday wear. You can pair it with a long-sleeved white t-shirt or even a neon sweatshirt. They go with everything.


When it comes to picking fashion, it does not only count the appearance; the outfit’s material matters the most. Chinos work throughout the year. So you have to feel comfortable in the fabric to be able to wear them all the time. While materials like chiffon and polyester can be troublesome in summers, cotton can work for summer and winter. If you want to have chino pants that work every time you have “nothing to wear,” choose cotton. Perk clothing has a collection of cotton chino pants in a variety of colors and styles. Check them out.

After-purchase care

When you have got the best pair of chinos, make sure to store them right. They need to be washed and stored properly. Use soft detergents to maintain the color and do not harsh wash; it may affect the fabric. Also, instead of folding, hang them straight using hangers. It retains its original charm and the color doesn’t fade for long.

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