Soo Kyung Bae, a designer from Singapore, unveiled what appeared to be a line of “thigh gap jewelry.” This unique collection, designed to accentuate the space between a woman’s thighs, includes handcrafted pieces made from 18-karat gold plated over sterling silver. With prices ranging from $175 to $195, they would seem like a luxurious tribute to the controversial beauty standard.

Thigh Gap Jewelry Website Is Body Positive
A website has emerged as the first globally to offer thigh gap jewelry, reflecting the concerning weight loss tendencies observed among young girls.

However, as intrigued customers discovered, this jewelry line was not as it seemed.

While visitors to the website,, can browse the collection and even add items to their cart, the “checkout” process redirects them to an unexpected revelation: “TGap Jewellery is a fictional company… launched to catalyze a debate on unrealistic body image social media portrays.”

What does a thigh gap symbolize?
The images on the TGAP website illustrate the appearance of the thigh gap jewelry when worn and in motion.

Bae’s intent was never to sell jewelry but rather to make a striking statement about society’s unrealistic beauty standards and their effects on women.

She aimed to challenge the ever-growing obsession with the “thigh gap” – a space between the thighs that many women feel pressured to achieve. “By using outrageous products,” Bae commented, “I hope to bring a provocative jolt that leads us to ponder and reflect upon the absurd things we value and how they pressure women and girls.”

thigh gap jewelry price
The chains, plated in 18k gold, are crafted to drape in the gap between a woman’s thighs and are priced between $175 and $195.

After the website’s launch on March 22, the initial shock and outrage from the public shifted to appreciation when they grasped Bae’s true message. One commenter praised the project’s fresh approach, highlighting its ability to provoke introspection on societal values. Bae concluded by expressing hope that the project would encourage a more self-loving perspective.

What is the thigh gap rule?
Yet, there’s a twist. As soon as someone attempts to purchase the jewelry, they’re taken to a page indicating that it isn’t available for sale.

However, this project goes beyond just the thigh gap trend. The website also condemns other potentially harmful social media beauty trends, such as the “collarbone challenge” and “bikini bridge.” Its core message remains: some women naturally have thigh gaps, while others don’t, but neither should be a standard of beauty or self-worth.

How can I increase the gap between my thighs?
Upon closer inspection, the chain appears unlikely to stay in place on its own, given that it drapes over the hip.

In a world where media constantly reshapes ideals, initiatives like Bae’s remind us to question, reflect, and ultimately embrace our unique selves.

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