As the end of the year comes, it’s not unusual to hear people slowly begin clearing out their wardrobes. The new year vibe can propel us to let go of old habits and start fresh trends. This vibe would often find its way into our styles and forms of expression. 

Now that the onslaught of a global pandemic has loosened its hold, people want to regain lost opportunities. For fashion gurus, the year 2024 is a year of reclaiming. The US apparel market is predicted to grow by 9.7% in 2023

One way to guide fashion choices is by considering the four seasons (e.g., warm clothes in cold weather). This article provides fashion tips for seasons, so you are at your best all year round. 

Color of the Year

In 2024, say hello to digital lavender, tranquil blue, and verdigris. If you want to start with the basics, go for comfort and casual with the color verdigris (RGB 67, 179, 174 or Coloro: 092-38-21). This color evokes 1980s active nostalgia and a return to sports and street fashion.  

To add balance and serenity, check out summer dresses and puffer jackets in digital lavender (RGB 230, 230, 250 or Coloro: 134-67-16). The color also embodies stability which people have been craving since the pandemic started. 

Tranquil blue (RGB 119, 217, 251 or Coloro: 114-57-24) is an emerging favorite for women. Expect to see it splash in garments and make a statement of peace and calm. Technological innovation continues to push fashion brands towards more personalized pieces so you can stay stylish whatever the season.    

Winter Fashion Trends 

If you have a strong inclination for legwarmers, winter is the best time to wear them. Alternatively, wear maxi coats to keep you warm until February. You can go with faux fur or puff. It wouldn’t matter, as maxi coats come in various styles. 

If muted color palettes aren’t your thing, you can try out vibrant neon to start your 2024 bright and vivid. Fashion experts advise using them to add a pop of color for those too timid to go all out. 

Spring Fashion Trends 

Leather jackets and skirts are great spring investments because they make great statement pieces in fall. Spring fashion also leans close to utilitarian vibes, specifically pockets. Pockets on tops or skirts make trendy pieces. They show that style isn’t just for the runway and daily spring wear. 

Most prom parties start during springtime, but it would be wise to start looking earlier. Try cut-out prom dresses or silk designs that never go out of style. 

Summer Fashion Trends 

Pairing florals and bows is another way to express femininity during special occasions. Silk or cotton bows give off a natural undertone, but so do feather trims. Check out trapeze silhouettes with embellished frames when picking your summer party attire. For outdoor fashion, you’ll never go wrong with fluorescent shades.

Fall Fashion Trends 

Do errands in style with oversized totes. You can alternate oversize suede or woven totes to add textures to your fall fashion. Maxi dresses are also a thing. Like leather, they vibe well with other seasons so you can wear them outside during the fall season. 

As the year ends, fall is the time to go back to wearable basics. Neutral tones are great statement pieces that project relatable looks.  

Shop Smart for Your Fashion Pieces

Before filling your cart, make sure you’re shopping smart. Looking fab doesn’t have to break the bank. For a good start, set your eyes on high-quality pieces. Read the information or ask the designer about the materials used for the clothes. 

Some fabrics don’t last through many washes, but others remain thick and feel sturdy. Also, don’t skip reading the details of the return policy. It’s essential, especially if the clothes don’t fit. Another smart tip is to get your clothes tailored. 

Slay These Fashion Trends All Year Round

In 2024, dress to look your finest using these winter, spring, summer, and fall fashion tips. Have fun adding digital lavender, tranquil blue, and verdigris into your wardrobe. Mix and match to wear an ensemble that can empower you to become your best all year round.  

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