The Freshest Tips for Styling Cowboy Boots

Good-looking cowboy boots can make a fashion statement, but creativity helps when you want to look fashionable wearing them. To help you out, we have gathered the freshest tips for styling cowboy boots and outfits you can combine with.

Styling Cowboy Boots for Women

Remember that there are different cowboy styles for different seasons and occasions. Therefore, learn to go with the trends and seasons. This can also be applied with comfort in mind as well.

Wear a feminine dress

The easiest way of making your cowboy boots stand out is by rocking a feminine dress. A short, flowy dress during the summer will provide eye-catching contrast with your boots.

Wear shorts and a cool shirt

For casual flair, you can sport shorts and pair them with an oversized shirt. Jean shorts and a floral-patterned shirt add beautiful contrast to rugged boots.


Mix your black or brown boots with a shirtdress that’s made of heavier fabric, such as denim, and top it off with a wide-brim hat. The look creates a true cowboy aesthetic with a touch of city chic.

Denim jacket and skinny jeans

You can rock a denim jacket paired with skinny jeans. The contrast a matching outfit makes with your boots is striking. For example, you can have a black denim jacket and skinny black jeans contrasted by white, floral-patterned boots. To amplify the style, wear modern accessories.

A short skirt and a tucked-in blouse

If you don’t want to make cowboy boots the focal point of your outfit, you can pair them with a boldly patterned mini skirt and classic blouse. This pairing offsets western wear really nicely.

Sweater dress and knee-high boots

If you wear your western boots during winter, a cozy knit dress or sweater dress will look cute when paired with knee high boots.

Fresh Tips for Styling Cowboy Boots for Men

T-shirt and jeans

Sometimes nothing beats a classic, casual style. Pair your cowboy boots with a T-shirt and jeans. This simple look is timeless and flattering.

Wear a plaid shirt

Plaid check syncs well with cowboy boots to create a modernized, more laid-back look. Plaid is a classic counterpart for jeans and khakis.

Wear a denim shirt or jacket

For an effortless style, go with denim paired with rustic boots—a classic that never disappoints.

It’s not hard to style cowboy boots as they go with many outfits. Both men and women can make cowboy boots the focal point or a complementary piece of their outfit. Cowboy boots are appropriate for all seasons and are an evergreen choice, year after year. It just depends on what you wear to go with them.

Now that you know these fresh tips for styling cowboy boots, you’ll always be ready to go anywhere at a moment’s notice.

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