For those women who dare to go bare, bikinis are a popular option in women’s swimwear. This season’s stylish bikinis aren’t for the faint at heart, but if you want to show off your body, a bikini will certainly do the trick. For petite women who may have trouble with fitting in a one-piece swimwear unless they’re able to find a short torso style, wearing a bikini can solve fitting problems. Also, some bikinis are offered as mix-and-match separates so that it’s easy to buy one size for the top and another for the bottom, if necessary.

Women's Swimwear - Styles of Women's Swimsuits

Bikinis are as hot as ever for Summer 2020. There are a couple of reasons that a bikini is a good swimwear choice for the dare-to-go-bare woman who wears petites’ clothing. First, if the bikini is sold as two separate pieces, women can select different sizes for top and bottom, and sometimes the tops are sold by cup size, which can aid in achieving a better fit. Second, there’s no need to worry about whether or not the garment will be too long, which is usually a concern when a short woman buys clothing.

Stylish Swimwear Cover-ups for Summer

Stylish swimsuit cover-ups can be our best friends at the beach this summer. Many women feel shy about baring too much in a bathing suit or bikini but throw on a swimwear cover-up, and the problem is solved.

Short Torso Petite Swimwear

If you’re a petite woman looking for swimwear, you may find that you need swimwear that is specially made for women who have short torsos. Although not every petite woman fits into this category, many petites will find that short torso swimwear gives them a better fit, especially in one-piece swimsuits.

Tankini Swimwear

Here’s a print tankini that is sold as two separate pieces. The tankini tops for this bikini, are sized like bras for a more precise fit. Wearing a tankini can be a good swimwear option for petites who want to cover the midriff area but don’t necessarily want to wear one-piece swimwear.

Retro styling with wide straps, molded cups, and a sweetheart neckline make this tankini an attractive swimwear option. The ruched center panel flatters the figure and helps disguise the midriff area. For short women who also have short torsos, a tankini can be a good alternative to a one-piece swimwear because there will be no worries about the suit fitting properly so long as it fits in the bust. This tankini comes in sizes small, medium, large, and extra-large. The tankini top is sold separately, but there is a matching hipster bikini bottom available, also in sizes S, M, L, and XL. Color options for both pieces include red and black.

Bandeau Bikini

Bandeau bikinis are sold as two separate pieces. The exotic print is right on trend for this year’s summer swimwear, and bandeau styles continue to be popular at the beach. Tops for this bikini set come in bra sizes, and the bottoms are available in sizes XS-XL.

Striped Bikini

Striped bikini is available in small, medium, and large sizes. The asymmetrical striped design of this bikini makes it an attractive choice for petites because diagonal stripes are both flattering and fashion-forward. This bikini features a sliding top with contrast back tie, halter neck ties at the back, removable padding in the top, and a low-rise bottom. It’s available from, which offers free shipping and free return shipping in the United States.

Fringed Bikini Top

Inspired by the era of the hippies when tie-dye and fringe were favorites of flower children, this fringed halter bikini top also channels the current rage for snakeskin fashion with its pattern of scales. Available in sizes small, medium, and large, this L Space bikini top would be a fun and trendy addition to a swimwear wardrobe.

Print One-Piece Bandeau Swimwear

From MiamiTeenyWeenyBikini, a company celebrated for its beachy clothing, comes this trendy one-piece swimwear. Although some petites will find that short-torso swimwear makes for a better fit when wearing a one-piece swimsuit, many other petites are able to wear a regular one-piece swimwear, and this one would make a cute fashion statement at the beach. Flattering features include side shirring and a hidden tummy-control panel.

One-Piece Swimsuit with Deep Plunge Neckline

V-necklines are universally flattering, and this one-piece swimsuit featuring a deep V plunge neckline could make a short woman not only look sexy but also look a little taller. The swimsuit fabric is smocked, which adds texture but also a bit of volume, so this swimwear would be best for a woman who wears a small size, although it’s available in sizes XS – L.

Best Swimwear for Your Body Type

Best Swimwear Trends for Summer

Choosing the Perfect Swimsuit to Flatter Your Shape.

Look for women’s swimwear that is stylish, but also flatter your figure. Follow these tips to learn more about what style of swimsuits are best suited for your body type.

Best swimwear for rectangle body types

The rectangular body type (sometimes called ruler or straight) is very common. With this body type, your bust and hips are balanced, but your waist is not very defined, and your rear end may be more flat than round. For this body shape, you want to dress in a way to give the illusion of more curves.

Look for swimwear with:

  • Ruffled tops
  • Dark color-blocking at the waist
  • Waistbands with ruffled or other accents
  • Wide-set straps

Best swimsuits for pear body types

The pear body type features hips that are wider than the bust. With this body type, you generally gain weight in your hips, thighs, and rear first, then your midsection followed by your upper body. This body shape usually has a defined waist, slim arms, and an elegant neck. For this body shape, you want to dress in a way to balance out your figure — adding volume up top and slimming your bottom half.

Look for swimwear with:

  • Dark bottoms partnered with light or bright tops
  • High-cut legs
  • Printed or ruffled tops
  • One-shoulder styles

Best swimwear for wedge body types

The wedge body type is often called the strawberry or the inverted triangle. With this body type, you have an ample bust and broad shoulders. Your hips are slender, and your rear end is flat. Your legs are slender but shapely — and they are some of your best assets. If you gain weight, it’s usually in your upper body and belly — not often in your legs or bottom. This body shape is the opposite of the pear. If you are a wedge, you want to balance your figure by adding volume in your lower half and de-emphasizing your upper body.

Look for swimsuits with:

  • Dark tops partnered with light, bright, ruffled or patterned bottoms
  • Halter tops
  • Monokinis
  • Bottoms cut straight across the hips

Best swimwear for apple body types

The apple shape body has narrow hips and narrow shoulders in comparison to the waist with most of your weight in your midsection. With this body type, you have a large bust and tend to gain weight in your stomach and upper body. Your legs and slender and your rear end is more flat than round. The waist is undefined. If you are an apple, you want clothing that shows off your legs, de-emphasizes your stomach and creates the illusion of a defined waist.

Look for swimwear with:

  • Tummy control panels
  • V-necklines
  • Tankinis with empire waists
  • Ruching, wrapping or tiers

Best swimwear for hourglass body types

Hourglass body shapes are considered ideal by most people. With this body type, your shoulder aligns nicely with your hips, and you have an obvious, defined waistline. Your body is very balanced — you don’t want to mess it up with the wrong clothes. When picking out swimwear, you can choose almost any style. Just be sure that the suit doesn’t emphasize the top half of your body over the bottom or visa-versa. You want to keep that perfect balance of the hourglass figure.

Look for swimsuits with:

  • Tops and bottoms in matching colors
  • Bandeau or strapless tops
  • Ruffled tops and bottoms (both not one or the other)
  • Bottoms that cut straight across the hips

The Best One-Piece Swimwear To Flatter Any Figure

Best Swimsuits for Your Body Type

There’s a stylish option for every woman, we promise.

Shopping for women’s swimwear might be the most daunting and intimidating task we go through as women. We all have problem areas we’d rather not highlight and features we want to make sure we show off. Finding swimwear that does both can be tricky.

In the list below, we found 10 flattering swimsuits that will suit a variety of body types. From small chests to wide hips, midsections, shoulders, and abs—this one-piece swimwear will allow you to put your best body forward this summer, no matter what shape you’re in. The key to loving your swimwear is loving your body and loving yourself, so start there, and you can wear anything you want.

  1. To Create Curves: If you’re feeling daring a looking to add curves to a boyish figure, try a swimsuit that has strategic cut-outs and a high waist. The halter-style top with a plunging neckline will add a bit of cleavage, and a high waist will nip in at your most narrow point and then move the eye outwards towards the hips, creating a curvy appearance.
  2. To Downplay Your Midsection: If you’re feeling modest about your midsection all-around, one-piece swimwear is a great option. We love this ultra-conservative cut because while it doesn’t reveal too much, the scooped neckline and boy-short-style leg openings are still flattering.
  3. To Downplay Hips and Give Great Support: A ruched swimsuit with halter straps and an adjustable skirt? What could be better for feeling confident at the beach, no matter what? We love the playful polka dot print of this MiamiTeenyWeenyBikini swimwear, and we also love how affordable it is! This style of swimsuit may feel dated, but with one-piece swimsuits being the most trendy cut of the season—this look is actually very retro-cool.
  4. To Lengthen Legs: If you’re looking to lengthen your legs, try one of the ultra-trendy high-cut swimsuits that are currently popular. High-cut swimwear features a scoop neck, low back, and high-cut leg opening for a super-flattering silhouette. It’s available in—you guessed it—a variety of solids and stripes, but we like the rainbow look of this one, plus the vertical lines will further lengthen your figure.
  5. To Look 10 Pounds Thinner: We haven’t tried it for ourselves, but this swimwear—engineered with slimming color-block panels and smoothing fabric—promises to make you look 10 pounds thinner instantly.
  6. To Show Off Toned Abs And Amp Up Cleavage: Rather than being a “strict” one-piece, this swimsuit is actually more of a monokini—and not for the faint of heart! Straps across the hips and midriff draw the eye in, and a padded halter-style top will draw the eye up, too. If you feel incredible about the way you look, this is the perfect suit to show off just how proud you are.
  7. To Show Off Shoulders And Arms: If you want to show off arms, chest, and shoulders and distract from your midsection and hips, a strapless style like this is a great option. You’ll have plenty of support from the lined and shaped cups, while the draped fabric minimizes attention on your waist and hips. All that bare skin from the chest up will keep eyes on your shoulders, face, and arms!
  8. To Show Off Back and Derriere: Another swimwear for the daring and adventurous beach-goers among us, this halter-style top features a very open back and a Brazilian-style cut in the back that leaves little to the imagination. The good news? Hardly any tan lines! Even if you’re not totally toned and taught, this cut touches so little skin that if you’re comfortable showing it off, the look is quite flattering.
  9. To Embrace A Small Bust: We love the sophisticated look of this swimsuit, who’s plunging v-neck and wide straps give it a beautiful and unique look. This style of swimwear will not most likely be great for those with larger chests, but smaller chests will find the cut flattering.
  10. All-Around Flattering: Rouching and draping are two of the great secrets to a flattering dress—so why wouldn’t they have the same effect in swimwear? Not to mention, black is the most universally flattering color of all. This chic and conservative suit is the one you’ll reach for again and again for the beach and the pool.
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