10 Ways to Style a Sun Protective Swimwear for Women
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With summer fast approaching, most of us plan to hit the beaches. Nothing can be more exciting than soaking yourself in the sunlight and playing with your toddlers on sandy beaches. However, summertime isn’t all fun. An excessive amount of exposure to sunlight harms your skin.  

Since most of the time we are in our swimming pants or bathing suits, most of our skin is exposed. Therefore, it’s necessary to protect it with sunscreens and sun-protective swimwear. You can spend hours in the sun with protection. There are several ways to stylishly wear protective swimsuits and keep yourself safe.

Styling Options for Women’s Sun Protective Swimwear

You might not believe it, but a woman’s sun-protective swimwear protects you and your body from harmful UV rays. Human skin is sensitive. Long hours in the sun will hurt it. So why take a risk? There are several ways to style various swimsuits.

Swim Pants

Instead of opting for regular swimwear for women, you could give a try to some colorful UPF certified swim pants for women to add more style to your outfit. These come in all sizes and colors. They are as comfortable as yoga pants but made of bathing suit material.

It’s easy to protect your skin with these swim pants as they cover a larger surface area. In contrast, women’s swimming suits with shorts are not that beneficial.

A Deep V-neck Swimsuit

If you wish to look stylish in your ordinary swimwear, opt for a classy option. One of the top picks is a deep V-neck swimsuit. Instead of wearing regular swimming pants, go for V-necks. These complement every body type. You show enough skin but not too much.

The best part is you can style them with any suit. From purple to black, the market has a massive variety. Each one is equally breathtaking. However, the three solid colors, black, white, and pink, create a more mesmerizing look.

Maxi Skirts with Slits

There isn’t any rule that protective clothing has to be bland or unexciting. With some creativity and effort, you can come up with outstanding attire. A unique way to make your ordinary woman’s UV swimwear eye catchy is by adding a cover-up maxi skirt.

It will cover most of your legs without making you look conservative. There are several kinds of light coming from the sun. UV light is one of them. So having enough coverage is crucial.

You could pick a pastel shade with your swim pants or high-waisted swim shorts. A skirt complements all sorts of swim shorts bottoms. 

Beach Tights

Beach Tights
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Going to the beach means enjoying the water, sitting on the sandy surface, and exposing yourself to sunlight. Sadly, all these activities are not easy to manage in swim shorts bottoms. Firstly, sand particles stick to your legs and make you itchy. Secondly, women’s swimming suits with shorts do not cover every inch of your legs.

Thus, style your sun protective tops with upf swimwear tights. These tights look great in every way. With the right tights, you will:

  • Remain protected
  • Have ultimate flexibility
  • Achieve a stylish look

Nothing can complement your toned legs more than a well-fitted beach-tight. You can wear the attire at any event throughout the summer season.

Stylish Hats

Another great way to style your protective swimwear is by getting matching hats. Here is a recommendation to pick a straw hat or a roll-up sun hat from this site that goes well with most swimsuit styles and creates an exceptional look. However, while selecting your favorite hat, check its size. The bigger the size, the better the appearance.

Nothing can compete with an extra-large floppy hat with cat-eye shades and white UV swimwear for women. You will fall in love with yourself after just one look, and so will others.

If you are not a religious sunbather, a hat will be the perfect way to cover your eyes and face from the scorching heat. The best part is you could get a neutral-colored hat to match with swimming pants or a women’s swimming suit with shorts. 

Rad Rash guards

For protection and fashion, you can always trust rad rashguards. These swim shirts have ultraviolet protection factors, which keep your skin safe from sun exposure. However, the best thing about them is their ability to look good to everyone.

Initially, these guards protected surfers from rashes, but now it is more feasible for individuals who plan to spend their entire day on a beach. No matter how many hours you spend building sand castles or surfing, having a rad rashguard keeps you safe.

Chic Cover-ups

It’s easy to find chic cover-ups in every shop. Whether you need a piece in blue, white, pink, or any color, there will be an option in your size. These go great with woman’s UV swimwear.

Here’s the thing, you could wear a minimal swimsuit and add a cover-up. The combination will do wonders for your overall look.


Swimming attires can be styled with denim jackets or jeans. You could wear a jacket with your swimming shorts or style jeans with a beach top. The combination is ideal for outdoors.

Sheer Dresses

One can also opt to use sheer dresses over their swimsuits. From models to locals, everyone is opting for sheer dresses. Your expensive swimwear will be visible, and your skin isn’t directly exposed. After all, one cannot compromise their skin’s safety for fashion.

When picking a sheer dress, you could choose a plain sheer or a mesh design. Both options complement almost every skin tone

Over-Sized T-shirt

An oversized shirt isn’t only comfortable but also looks great with UV swimwear for women. The right combination can take your beach look to the next level and protect your skin. In case, you do not wish to fully expose your body or feel uncomfortable in ladies’ swim pants, a shirt can offer maximum coverage. 

Silky Wrap Shorts

A classic way of styling your swimsuits is by opting for silky wrap shorts. These come in all colors and designs. If you have a flower-printed swimming top, you could buy a matching silky wrap with it. The minute you are done with your swimming session or can’t tolerate the heat, wrap it around your waist.

Why should we Invest in Sun Protective Clothing?

No matter how enjoyable the summer season might be, it brings a lot of problems. The biggest concern of every individual is their skin. The sun emits all kinds of harmful rays which burn your skin. You could get tans, burns, or develop rashes.

Moreover, the UV rays emitted into the atmosphere can cause skin cancer. So, you must make sure that you use all preventive measures. Keep your body protected with sunscreen and protective clothing.

It’s easy to find sun protection swimwear in every store. Instead of going out in just a bathing suit, opt for sun-safe clothes.


Having a protective bathing suit is a blessing in disguise. Previously you couldn’t protect your skin, but now the times have changed. There are specific protective swimsuits to keep you and your family safe.

These swimming sets have a UPF label and do not let sunlight penetrate. Thus, you remain safe. With these swimsuits, you will feel protected and fashionable. If you feel confused about how to style the perfect look for your beach day, try the options mentioned above.   

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