Swimwear Trends for Girls

It’s time to start planning what your kid will wear when she hits the waves or the pool now that swimsuit season is in full force. One-piece swimsuits are starting to resurface, despite girls’ long-standing preference for bikinis. Which is hence better for girls?

We’ve compiled a list of the season’s best swimsuit styles to aid in your decision-making. We have options for girls swimwear from SweetHoney Clothing for your daughter, whether she wants to flaunt a one-piece or bare some skin in a bikini.

Both wearing a one-piece and a bikini have advantages and disadvantages. If your daughter feels self-conscious about her figure, a one-piece swimsuit might be a suitable option because it is more modest and can offer more coverage.

Girls swimwear trends in 2023 include a variety of styles and designs. Here are some of the trends that have been identified:

Age-Related Swimwear

It can be challenging to decide what swimwear is suitable for your girl.

Here our suggestion for a guideline; a one-piece is the best option for girls under the age of six. It offers better protection and is less prone to lead to wardrobe problems.

Bikinis are a common choice for girls ages six to twelve. However, to ensure that she and her parents are both comfortable, make sure that the bikinis are age-appropriate and don’t expose too much skin.

However, stay away from thongs and bikinis that are too tiny. Not only are they ugly, but your child will grow up the next summer, so be ready!

Trends in Girls Swimwear Collections

Trends in Girls Swimwear Collections

The newest trends in swimwear are undoubtedly one-piece suits. They are trendy, adorable, and most importantly, incredibly comfortable. A one-piece is the best option if you want to find something that will give your girl confidence and make her look beautiful.

This year’s selection of hues and patterns is a little more diverse. Everything from soft pastels to vivid neons, as well as geometric prints and floral patterns, will be present. To create a look that is exclusively yours, mixing and matching are key.

How to Dress Your Daughter in the Right Swimwear

Think about your daughter’s body type first. Not all ladies look attractive in bikinis; some require more coverage, while others may effortlessly wear a tiny bikini.

Second, think about the climate and weather. Bikinis are the greatest choice if you’re traveling somewhere warm and sunny. It could be preferable to wear a one-piece, though, if you’re traveling somewhere cooler.

Third, consider what will make your daughter feel at ease. Some girls may not want to wear a bikini because they are self-conscious about their bodies. If so, choose a one-piece outfit instead.

Lastly, remain updated with fashion. There are many stylish prints and patterns available this season, ranging from floral motifs to abstract designs. So, have fun and pick a gift your daughter will adore!

Swimwear care tips

  • Never throw your swimwear into the dryer; it will ruin the fabric. Instead, leave it out in the sun to dry or let it air dry.
  • As soon as possible, hang up wet swimwear to dry. This will stop stains from developing.
  • On swimwear, stay away from using powerful detergents or bleach because they might harm the fabric. It is quite acceptable to use soap or mild detergent.
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