6 Sustainable Australian Swimwear Brands To Buy

Australia is known for so many wonderful things. In the fashion industry, Australia also holds the honor of being a country that does swimwear in its own way. If you’re a major swimwear fan, you may have already experienced seeing one swimwear style, then later on exploding across all brands after some time. Then, there’s also the question of whether or not you’re using good, sustainable swimwear.

When it comes to your swimwear, you have to think of something that lasts. It’s not a fashion piece you wear every day, so you’ll want to invest in a few ones. They should serve their purpose for many years so that, every beach trip, you won’t find yourself needing to buy a new one.

If you live in Australia or you happen to be in Australia on a summer holiday, make sustainable Australian brands a part of your swimwear shopping list. Some of the coolest, most fashionable sustainable Australian swimwear brands are:

1. Bydee

Bydee is one of those sustainable brands that have made it their world to be passionate about contributing to sustainability. At Bydee, everyone on board understands the corporate social responsibility to make it a part of their company practices to aim to reduce their collective carbon footprints.

Sustainable Australian Swimwear Brands

To achieve this, Bydee has been implementing the following environmentally friendly practices:

  • Collections are produced in limited runs, only enough to meet the demand, while minimizing excess production.
  • Swimwear is made from high-quality recycled and regenerated materials.
  • Quality is a priority to ensure the swimwear can last through years of use.

2. Bāmba

Bāmba is an Australian brand, born to a small group of creatives from Western Australia. The designers at Bāmba found that the swimwear industry lacked a brand that showcased simple yet sophisticated and beautifully-tailored swimwear pieces.

The design philosophy in Bāmba goes back to the ‘80s, where the birth of the modern woman came in. It’s all about being confident and comfortable in one own’s skin. On top of sustainability, at Bāmba, you’re sure to have pieces that suit whatever body type you have.

3. Peony Swimwear

If you’re a fan of pastel hues and girly colors, Peony swimwear will have a lot along this color range. Peony swimwear has mastered beach style to the dot, as they’ve also recently launched their line of ready-to-wear collection, coverups, and dresses, made out of organic linen, hemp, and cotton.

Each swimwear piece sold at Peony is made out of recycled carpet and clothing, and fishing net waste, among many other sustainable materials. Styles can vary from full-coverage swimwear to skimpier and sexier pieces.

4. Salt Gypsy

Salt Gypsy takes pride in how all of its swimwear pieces are all practically and ethically made in the Gold Coast. It’s a brand that embodies the Australian beach life at its core: slow-living and sustainable, protecting the country’s beautiful and pride-worthy beaches, coasts, and wildlife.

Particularly if you’re into surfing and other water activities, Salt Gypsy makes women’s surf wear out of 100% regenerated nylon yarn, known as ECONYL. It’s a durable type of nylon lycra that’s being responsibly manufactured in Australia.

5. Fella

At Fella, the designers came up with their designs after seeing the lack of a swimwear brand that’s simple yet sophisticated. When you have a Fella piece, you’ll have swimwear that can last you from daytime beach life to more formal evening beach parties. Because you have a piece that can take you from day to night, you don’t have to buy as many swimwear pieces as you may have used to. 

The fabrication of each Fella piece is also anchored on quality, so you don’t have to replace swimwear too frequently.

6. Monte & Lou

Monte & Lou is an Australian brand founded by friends who met while working for the iconic ‘80s designer Brian Rochford. Bringing that experience to their brand, every Monte & Lou piece is carefully designed so it’s not just stylish, but also sustainable. 

The latest collection launched by Monte & Lou, known as Off The Grid, is their most major switch to sustainability. The brand is now 100% sustainable, with materials and fabrics swapped in favor of Global Recycle Standard nylon. If you shop online, you’ll get your swimwear in a compostable mailer.


Being that Australia is one of the most popular warm-weather destinations in the world, it’s not surprising to learn how you’ll come across quite a lot of swimwear brands in this country. Better yet, many of those brands are sustainable, too. Australians don’t go trotting in the beach with your average swimwear. Perhaps not until now, you may not have heard of the local brands like those above – which they so take pride in. Not only do they have cute and fashion-forward designs, but most importantly, the brands above are sustainable as well.

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