Good news! One-piece swimsuits are back in style, which means spring is no longer reserved for getting “bikini-ready.” One-piece swimsuits are coming back for many reasons, including the comfortable and stylish fit they offer. Check out a few top reasons you’ll see more one-piece swimsuits at the pool this summer.

What Is a One-Piece Swimsuit?

One-piece swimsuits for women are any single-piece swimwear items designed for pool or beach days. Single-piece swimsuits come in many styles, making them an excellent option for women of all ages, body types, and comfort levels. One-piece swimsuits allow you to control how much skin you show and offer a tight fit that’s flattering on all bodies.

6 Reasons One-Piece Swimsuits Are Trending

This is the summer of the one-piece swimsuit. Here are a few reasons why swimsuits are making a strong comeback:

1. Available in a Wide Range of Coverage Options

One of our favorite perks of one-piece swimsuits for women is that they come in a wide range of coverage options. From minimal to full coverage, finding something that makes you feel comfortable and confident is simple. Whereas most bikini tops tend to come in a similar style, one-piece tops offer greater coverage and support options.

2. High Leg Trend

The high-leg trend of the 1980s is also back, giving one-piece swimsuits a flattering yet comfortable design. The trend, which has already dominated social media, looks great on most body styles, meaning this swimsuit style is perfect for boosting your confidence. A high-leg one-piece swimsuit fits snugly on the hips and elongates the legs for a smooth, flattering design.

3. Endless Styles

For years, it seemed like there were minimal one-piece swimsuit options available. The one-piece swimsuit section seemed to be the same style in different colors, regardless of where you shopped. Maybe it’s because retailers recognize the emerging trend of one-piece swimsuits, but there are more options than ever.

You can easily find a one-piece swimsuit that you feel great wearing, from cut-outs to off-shoulder swimsuits. Choose a structured top swimsuit with a high-leg design for a vintage glam look, or wear a floral one-piece swimsuit with a strappy back. Either way, shopping for one-piece swimsuits is fun again.

4. Greater Flexibility

One-piece swimsuits tend to fit the body better, which means you don’t have to worry about slips or chaffing as much. This also makes one-piece swimsuits a much better option for swimming laps at the pool or keeping up with your kids at the beach. Think about how much more fun you’ll have making sandcastles or running on the beach without adjusting your swimsuit every two seconds. 

One-piece swimsuits are also a better option for more athletic beach goers. The comfortable fit of a one-piece swimsuit is perfect for surfing, water skiing, or kayaking. You’ll also always be ready for a pickup game of beach volleyball. You can also guarantee a better fit with a one-piece. Swimsuit stores that still sell bikinis in sets can make it extremely difficult to shop for a perfect fit both on top and bottom. It’s much easier to find a perfect fit with a one-piece swimsuit.

5. Better Protection

Less skin exposure means less sun damage. Even when you’re careful to apply sunscreen each time you visit the pool or beach, reaching all the body parts a bikini exposes can sometimes be more difficult. A one-piece swimsuit can add an additional layer of protection from harmful UV rays. Some swimsuits are also made with SPF materials, offering even more protection from the sun.

6. Easier Packing

You’re packing for an upcoming beach trip, only to find that half of all your bikini sets are missing. We have all been there, and then you’re left to pick and choose tops and bottoms that kinda-sorta go together. A one-piece swimsuit can make it easier to pack since they take up less room, and as a bonus, you can even leave the swimsuit coverups at home. Because one-pieces offer full coverage, you won’t need to pack all those extra beach coverup accessories.

One-piece swimsuits even resemble a few other trending styles today, including bodysuits and leotards. Throw on a pair of comfortable shorts, and you’re ready to hit the town or grab dinner after a day at the beach.

We have spotted celebrities like Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid, and Cara Delevingne all sporting different versions of one-piece swimsuits. One-piece suits have a new reputation, and it’s one of comfort, elegance, and confidence. We guarantee you’ll notice more one-piece suits at the beach this summer. Get ahead of the trend and find the perfect one-piece swimsuit that complements you and makes you feel amazing.

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