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Gone are the days when plus-size swimwear had to be dowdy and dreary. This is the Summer of 2024, and it’s time to strut your stuff on the beach in the perfect costume, no matter your size or confidence level. Here are some hot summer plus-size swimwear trends every fashionista should know.

The High-Waisted Bikini

The High Waisted Bikini

Gone are the days of hip-skimming low-rise pants, so it’s not surprising to see bikinis and 2-pieces follow suit. That’s great news for the plus-sized figure, too. High waisted swim shorts, plus-size or not, are very on-trend for women who like the comfort and ease of movement of a 2-piece but don’t want to bare it all. Available in a host of fun and flirty styles, and with matching tops in everything from a sexy underwire to a full-coverage tankini, you’re sure to find a flattering style you love.

The Swim Dress

Plus size swim dresses with built in bra
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The plus-sized figure doesn’t have to hide all to look sexy at the beach- but if you see these hot swim dresses, you might be tempted to have a full coverage option! Add the hot prints of the season- leopard, polka dot, tie dye, or chic monochrome- dark glasses, and a floppy oversized hat to complete the picture of the Hollywood siren these sleek and sophisticated beachwear options offer. Plus, they’re great if you want to be able to freely walk around a beach town or head to the bar without having to add extra layers, and they bring better sun protection, too.

Bold Necklines

Bold necklines swimwear plus size

Whether you go one-piece or two, don’t shy away from creating interest with an unusual neckline. Whether you opt for asymmetry or choose a flattering cascade of ruffles and whimsical ties, this year’s focus has moved to the top of the suit with cute, sexy, and different necklines.

Flirty Features

Best plus-size swimwear

Styles aside, what’s hot in plus-size swimwear this year? Mesh, lace-up, and asymmetrical looks are conquering the beachside catwalk in 2024, and make for a fantastic way to add an element of fun to your overall look. A bold and daring asymmetrical top cut can help to deemphasize a naturally large bust and draw attention to other features- or, just as easily, amp up your assets and show them off. Mesh allows you a chance to embrace cutouts and other hot-style elements without worrying about popping out (or tanning strangely). Plus, you can combine some mesh looks with curvy shapewear to look your very best, if the mood takes you.

Not feeling these constructed style elements? Then embrace an ultra-bold print and get to it! While sleek black and white stripes will still turn heads, the majority of this season’s trends focus on loud-and-proud, bold colors, and whimsical prints that have nothing to hide. 

And there you have it! It’s time to get ready for hot beach days and fun summers with these epic new 2024 plus-size swimwear trends. Whether you like to stay sleek and elegant, or loud and vibrant, you’re sure to find something you love. Remember, everybody is a beach body- all it takes is a swimsuit that makes you feel like the star you are.

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