Don’t let your tiny imperfections or insecurities keep you from having the time of your life this summer (nobody notices them but you!). Here, Jacqui Stafford’s super-slimming swimwear secrets will give those VS supermodels a run for their money.

For Smaller on Top, Bigger on Bottom

floral bathing suit top image

It’s all about diverting the eyes upward. Mix and match two different suits:

  1. For the top, look for details focused around the bustline, like ruffles, prints, or jeweled embellishments that draw the eye where you want it and away from your bottom half.
  2. For the bottom, choose a slimming solid shade.
  3. Go for straps that are set really wide apart or halter style (to make your shoulders appear wider and hips smaller by comparison).

For Bigger on Top, Smaller on Bottom

Bathing suit top image

The key is to look for full-coverage tops that have hidden structural details like underwire or built-in mesh compression liners that give you lift, shape, and support. Stay away from high necklines that overemphasize your bust. Go for bra-size bikini separates, which means you can customize your cup size, and always look for wide, adjustable straps that prevent painful pinching and bouncing.

For Fairly Straight Up & Down

Outnet bathing suit image

No curves? No problem! Padded, corset-like push-ups and details like ruffles and bows work wonders to create a curvaceous shape. Go for super-girly, flirty ruffles or embellishments to give more volume to your booty or bustline. Adjustable necklines or straps let you create a more dramatic push-up effect.

For a Little More in the Middle

Net a Porter bathing suit image

Bye-bye, belly bulge. Fake a slimmer, flatter torso with a figure-sculpting one-piece. Camouflage your tummy with strategically placed ruching, shirring, or color blocking. Look for waist-minimizing fabrics, like stretchy spandex, that hold you in. And don’t stick to boring black: Vibrant shades or interesting color blocking is unexpected and more flattering to your skin tone than black, which can be aging.

For Balanced Curves on Top and Bottom

Pink bathing suit image

Go for a curve-hugging bikini. Look for enough coverage on the top half to contain your bust (spillage = unsexy), and choose bottoms that have a slightly higher-cut leg to make you look longer and leaner. Supermodel tip: If you tie the side strings of your bikini slightly toward the front of your hips rather than exactly at the side, you’ll visually trim off inches no matter what shape you are.

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