The fastest way to look cool is to steal FKA Twigs’ style, so here are 8 cut-out bathing suits just like hers.

FKA Twigs is so cool, I want to copy everything she does. I especially want to copy the spectacular slashed swimsuit she wore onstage last night in Manchester at the Parklife festival because its shredded fabric makes her look like a sexy version of The Incredible Hulk. I want to wear it everywhere, even though I do not look good in white and know it would generate really weird tan lines.

FKA Twigs’ suit is the Lexxi swimsuit by Agent Provocateur, which is stunning and costs $490, so that will not be happening any time soon. But the look is still excellent and surprisingly easy to get. Here are 8 other cut-out bathing suits under $100 that will make you look just as cool as FKA Twigs. Yes, they will all give you ridiculous tan lines, but you can easily avoid that by wearing a ton of sunscreen, which you should be doing anyway.

1. Luxe Land Glamorama Swimsuit, $100

The green color is spectacular, and all the straps are way sexy. This is also a swimsuit that will make you look very intelligent because I think it would require a Ph.D. in material physics to figure out how to get into it.

2. Motel Cinch Swimsuit, $71

This Hokusai’s Wave print is very cool, even if this swimsuit cannot really tell if it is a bikini or a one-piece.

3. Luxe Lane St. Barth Swimsuit, $100

This white swimsuit is probably as close as a person can get to FKA Twigs’ suit without clearing $100. It also comes in black, which is good news for those of us who do not look good in white.

4. Waiwah Nixie Cut-Out One-Piece, $92.33

If we look past this model’s dour facial expression, this suit’s high-waisted bottom and above-the-navel triangle cut-out makes it seem like something Taylor Swift would wear, and that’s always a good thing.

5. H&M’s Cut-Out Swimsuit, $24.99

How does this stay on? Hope and sex appeal, probably. There might be some magic involved. But it will look good with jean shorts and is under $25, so it’s worth a shot.

6. H&M Bikini Bottoms, $12.95, and Bikini Top, $17.95

In a certain sense, all bikinis are cut-out swimsuits, aren’t they? Either way, this one is pretty fantastic. It also comes in neon pink, which will make you look like you fell out of Earth Girls are Easy, in the best possible way.

7. Topshop Cut-Out Swimsuit, $60

This one has that sexy, asymmetrical look that makes FKA Twigs’ suit so cool, but this one has the added bonus of looking like it will actually stay in place if you decide to go swimming or play volleyball or do something besides pose.

8. Topshop Fluoro Cut-Out Swimsuit, $60

The 80s were a weird time for fashion, but there’s certainly something to be said for a neon swimsuit that looks like it should be worn with some fully opaque zinc oxide on the nose. This one will make everyone feel all kinds of nostalgia.

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