Looking for the best swimsuit that could flatter your body can be nerve-wracking, especially if you need to do it online. Some women may feel overwhelmed with all the choices presented by various stores on the web. Others, on the other hand, could be worried about getting the wrong swimwear for their body since they cannot fit it in the first place. But buying swimsuits and bikinis online does not need to be terrifying if you listen to the experts. Who else would give useful swimsuit shopping tricks other than the professional models who graced thousands of magazine spreads and runways all over the world?

Model-Approved Well-Kept Secrets For Buying Bikinis Online
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Here are some time-tested secrets that fashion models shared when shopping for swimwear and bikinis online.

Straps Are Crucial To The Suit

Curvy models are not comfortable wearing swimwear with thin-strapped tops. Some feel the strings tied tightly around their neck to support their bust could dig into their skin and irritate the area. If you have the same body type, you should choose something with thick shoulder straps or something with a broader tie for the neck area. You may also choose a halter-top without a tie to fully enjoy your day in the water without worrying about uncomfortable swimsuits.

Invest In Flattering One-Pieces

Models believe all women will look good wearing one-piece swimsuits. However, you still need to look for a one-piece style that would flatter your body type. Some models with bigger tops need a one-piece with a high-back detail to even out the heavy support at the front. One-piece swimsuits for curvy women must also have straps on both shoulders instead of a tie around the neck. If you have a straight body shape, try wrapping a tie or belt in the middle of the suit to create an illusion of having a smaller waist.

Mix And Match Separates

While models normally have well-proportioned bodies, regular women tend to have different sizes due to their body shape. Some women have a triangular body shape with a narrower chest and wider hips. Others have an inverted triangle shape body with broad shoulders and smaller pelvic areas. For this reason, models suggest that women should buy separates with appropriate size for their top and bottom. To make sure that you will look good in your chosen swimwear, you can buy tops and bikinis online based on your actual size. It means your tops may be smaller or bigger than your bikini bottoms, depending on your needs.

Mix And Match Separates

Patience Is The Key

Most models agree that online shopping for swimwear is underrated, especially since there are plenty of online swimsuit brands catering to the different demands of common women to suit their size, style, and budget. But since buying online will not let you try out the pieces on the spot, you need to find an online shop that allows you to return the items that do not fit your body. You only need to read all the fine print guidelines and understand the return policy before finalizing your purchase.

Buying swimwear online will no longer be as complicated as you think if you follow these tricks from the experts. As long as you know the style and size that suits you, finding bikinis online will become easier. Once you find the right swimsuit, you will become more comfortable with your body and look and feel like a fashion model posing for the next issue of Sports Illustrated magazine.

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