If you’re looking at the prospect of bikini season, months away as it might currently be, then you might feel a little down in the dumps if you don’t quite feel ready for it. Eating well and exercising can help you get ready to strut your stuff on the beach, but with the bikini often comes an expectation of levels of peak physical condition that can make it feel like that’s not enough. So, what can you do to ensure that you’re looking your absolute best out on the sands?

What You Can Do To Feel Confident And Beautiful In A Bikini
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Focus on building some muscle, too

A lot of women don’t like to focus on exercises that build muscle too much, because they are worried that they’re going to look bulked up or overly muscular when they’re out of their clothes. However, it really doesn’t work like that. It takes a lot of concentrated effort to make yourself look like that. What resistance training can do is help you toned, tight, and more slender, instead. It’s just as good at burning calories as it is at strengthening your body, as well. If you’re worried that some parts, like your shoulders, are a little large already and you don’t want to accentuate it, you can simply avoid working out those parts of the body.

Build your curves naturally

When you’re in a bikini, you might feel a little more pressure to be on the more voluptuous side. Slender bodies can look just as fantastic out on the beach, but the pressure is easy to understand. You don’t necessarily have to go under the knife, of course. There are natural ways to enhance your curves. In particular, building the right muscles can do a great job of it. There are plenty of curve-building exercises, whether you focus on your hip muscles and glutes to give you that hourglass shape, or you work the shoulders and chest to make your bust more pronounced. The fat on these areas isn’t going to burn away, you’re simply going to build the muscle beneath it, which can help offer them a little more lift and volume, visually.

Start targeting cellulite with your diet

When it comes to parts of the body that you might want to better sculpt a little, there are more hands-on procedures that can be a great help but, in a more general sense, there are ways to help fight cellulite through your diet. Cellulite starts to appear when the skin’s collagen starts to deplete and break down, so you want to eat foods that can help you boost the collagen levels in your skin, as shown at Cleveland Clinic. Bone broth is one of the richest sources of collagen, but general protein-rich foods like beef, chicken, fish,  beans, and eggs can all be a great source to make use of, as well.

Target those stubborn bits of fat

Everyone’s body shape makes it likely that you’re going to have some bits, some deposits of fat, that are a little more stubborn than others and that, even with diet and exercise, you’re not going to get rid of quite so easily. It might be a lot quicker to learn to love these parts of yourself and to accept that they are as natural as any other part of you but, if that isn’t doing the job, teams like REJUV Aesthetics & Wellness might be able to help, instead. Aside from traditional weight loss procedures, they also offer more specific targeted approaches like COOLSCULPTING, which uses high temperatures to destroy fat cells on specific parts of the body, making them more easily absorbed back into the body.

Get the right bikini 

If you feel like your bikini isn’t flattering on your body, then you shouldn’t be so fast to accept that it’s your body that is the problem. Sticking within the bounds of bikini etiquette, don’t be afraid to choose pieces that flatter you, especially. Bikinis come in all shapes and sizes, so be sure to choose those that highlight the strengths of your figure, as much as possible. Of course, there’s a lot to be said for learning to love the body that you’re in, as well, and to not worry too much about how ‘perfect’ your look is.

In reality, your best bet is probably to simply accept yourself for the beauty that you are, and not worry too much about whether or not you look your absolute best in a bikini. However, for those who are truly committed, then the tips above could help a lot.

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