Swimsuit to Suit Your Shape This Summer

Find the best swimsuit for your body type. This comprehensive guide will help you find the perfect suit, based on your bust size, waist size, and hip size.

As summer rolls around, now is the time to start dusting out the tanning supplies and bronzer; loofah away all the old winter skin; get silky smooth, and find the perfect swimsuit to cover you up (or not!) perfectly over the coming months.

If you’re looking for some tips to help you find the best swimwear for your shape, read on.

Shop for Your Bust Size

Firstly, keep in mind that your breast size can have quite an impact on the type of swimwear you purchase. If, for instance, your bosom is large, you may find that you need to shop for mix-and-match separates so that you can have one size for your top half and a smaller size for your bottom half. 

As well, try to buy a swimsuit that has underwire and specific cup sizes, as opposed to more generic S, M, or L sizes. This will enable you to get a closer fit.

Busty ladies typically need to find swimwear that provides plenty of support rather than opting for a string bikini. It is also wise to search for a bathing suit that has a good structure, such as thicker straps with double-stitched bands.

This will give more hold and lift and will make a wardrobe malfunction much less likely.

Alternatively, if your bust size is on the smaller end, you don’t need to worry about support but will probably want to hunt for products which will help to give you more of an illusion of a bigger chest. This will elongate a petite frame too.

When you go shopping for a swimsuit, check out items which have to pad to give you more up top, as well as swimwear that has bright colors and patterns, plus ruffles and other embellishments on the top. These work to give the illusion of a bigger bust.

Minimize Your Problem Areas

Best Swimsuits by Body Type
Best Swimsuits by Body Type.

Most women have what they deem as “problem areas” on their bodies that they desire to hide or minimize as much as possible. If you’re in this boat, think about your least-favorite assets when you compare bathing suits, and look for slimming swimwear.

If you have a larger bottom than you’d like, you’re best off avoiding string bikinis and any swimwear which is high cut.

These styles will tend to be not only a bit too revealing but can also make you feel uncomfortable if you need to regularly tug your suit down to cover your behind.

You can also balance out a bigger rear by opting for simple bottoms in solid colors that are matched with more intricate, printed, and bold tops. 

If you are always complaining about your love handles, then it’s time to consider a high-waisted bottom when you go shopping.

This style will sit above your belly button and avoid giving you a muffin top. If you have a bigger tummy to hide, you can search for a full-piece swimsuit with ruching around the waist area.

This will work to conceal a more padded stomach. A one-piece suit with a plunging neckline is also good for women who have a thicker midsection since it draws the eye upwards and away from your middle.

Balance Out Your Shape

flattering swimsuits for curves

For many women, the right swimwear will be the product that works beautifully to balance out their shape.

If you’re someone that has a straight-up-and-down figure, for instance, you will need to look for options which give you the appearance of more curves and overall balance. 

Search for swimsuits that have feminine prints and cuts in bright colors, and, if you are petite all over, opt for tops that have padding, cups, and gathering.

These things will give you the illusion of more curves. It is also best to steer clear of shapeless one-pieces, bandeau tops that go straight across, and boy-cut briefs.

These types of swimsuits will only enhance a square or athletic body shape.

If you have quite broad shoulders, which you want to balance out, look for swimwear in solid colors with printed panels along the sides.

This will make you seem to have more of an hourglass figure and will even out a boxier upper half. Asymmetrical necklines also work well to draw the focus in the right way.

For women who have a bigger bottom half and are pear-shaped, it is often necessary to choose separate tops and bottoms to ensure the correct fit. (Many pears have smaller busts and wider hips and thighs, paired with a larger behind.)

Furthermore, when comparing swimsuits, keep an eye out for cutaway-styles. These are good for accentuating a smaller waist while still covering the hips.

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