Do you love to switch up your swimwear pattern by switching from stripes to an ethnic print to a fringe bikini? The bikini website Banana Moon has trendy & stylish swimsuit styles  that can captivate anyone’s attention, even the first-ever looks. Due to the wide variety of modular features, any possible combination is possible. Your mix & match style will also work this summer since creative cutouts and woven cover-ups, and sporty one-pieces have a significant impact on bikini fashion. As a leading brand Banana Moon can multiply your grace by choosing a perfect made-for-you style this summer. Let’s sail you through the insights on incredible bikini styles for 2023.

  1. Sporty & High-Waisted

In 2023, trending swimwear is inspired by the rising popularity of open-air water sports such as paddle boarding and snorkeling. Asymmetrical straps, color blocking, and more fabric bikini styles characterize these sporty swimsuits. This year, many sports bikinis have coverage tops and bottoms with fun cutout accents. These bikinis are simultaneously modern and classic. These bikinis lean toward an athletic cut, making them a good option for anyone who wants to wear a swimsuit and participate in activities other than chilling by the pool. 

  1. Sequin Blues & Pinks

The sequin-spangled bikini is one of the swimwear styles to try in 2023. Nevertheless, it is also likely to be the most extravagant and the least practical option. When you wear this style of bikini in blue or pink, you anticipate receiving a lot of praise and being the center of attention wherever you go. Absolutely, on a bikini website, that will be the case. Bikinis with classic prints evoke feelings of enchantment and longing for the beach. A retro pattern bikini will typically come with additional features on the more delicate end of the seductive spectrum, such as ribbons, frills, and bows.

  1. Floral Lace-Up Bikini 

A stringy or lace-up bikini is an excellent choice for women with a slim build and a defined waist, such as an hourglass body type. It can be tied in various ways, including around the neck, across the front, and even the upside-down bikini style, depending on the desired look. 

However, women with smaller breasts can easily use this knotting technique. These lace-up bikinis look great with flowery prints. The lacing adds volume, making this swimsuit a must-have for women with hourglass figures, especially those with a defined waist.

  1. Off-shoulder & Shimmer

If you want your swimwear to have a little more glitz and glamor than this summer, try out Banana Moon’s shimmer bikini. Also, the off-the-shoulder bikini is poised to become a popular choice for beachwear in 2023. These tops feature necklines such as sweetheart, bandeau, or square for a vintage feel. A shimmering bikini is a sure way to join the trend without losing your favorite fit, as it is a texture-forward appearance. You can opt for the color that best compliments your body shape. 

  1. Funky Styles

The time is right to try out some bolder, more exciting layouts. Unabashedly vivid color palettes, graphic designs, and opulent finishing touches like 3D embellishments and voluminous ruffles are in vogue. Funky-style bikinis are retro and stylish. Some bikinis lean toward a creative cut, making them a good option for anyone who wants to wear a swimsuit in a funky style. In addition, they offer more excellent coverage, fun, and refreshing impact with extra coverage on the tummy.

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