Sweet Kimono Chic Outfit Ideas

What is a kimono? A Kimono is a Japanese-styled outfit that is styled to have flowing sleeves and an easy comfort when you wear it that can be styled to be warm or cool depending on the fabric out of which it is made out of. You need to know about kimono-style dresses and find out why they are such fun to wear. The thing about kimono chic outfit ideas is that they have an element of tradition about them while still being stylish and chic. That is why we can imagine kimono chic outfit ideas being part of stylish street chic fashion looks in a blink.

Sweet Kimono Chic Outfit Ideas

If you thought kimono-style dresses and tops were just worn for casual occasions, then you would be wrong. If you are still not convinced, then check out 10 different ways of bridal dressing from across the globe, one of which is the kimono.

If You Are Still Scratching Your Head In Wonderment On How To Work Sweet Kimono Chic Outfit Ideas To Your Advantage, Then You Can Stop Wondering And Follow The Tips That We Give Here:

Start with kimono tops

Start with kimono tops

If you feel going the whole hog with a full-length kimono outfit is a bit over the top, then why not start a bit slow? There are many kimono style tops that you can try if possible with fitted jeans or a nicely fitting skirt. On the plus side, kimono styles have a vague kind of silhouette that is very flattering if you want to downplay some of the features on your body that you are not too happy about.

Be careful about the fabrics

kimono fabric patterns

The thing about kimonos is that they have long and loose sleeves, and the waistline is also a bit vague. To ensure that this look is flattering on you, you need to be smart about the kind of fabric in which you wear your kimono in. A kimono that is made of thicker fabric can make you look bulkier, and slinkier fabrics can have the opposite effect.

Choose to go with casuals

Choose to go with kimono casuals

If you are planning to wear a full-length kimono, then it is best to start wearing one for a casual occasion rather than a more formal one. This way, you can be sure that you are comfortable in one before you try it out in a more formal setup. While this may seem strange to do, you will understand what we mean when you wear a full-length kimono.

Smaller prints work

how are kimonos made

Since the kimono is an unusually shaped garment, it can make a person look a bit huger than they are. That is why you need to pick out kimonos that are made of sleeker materials and with smaller prints to ensure that this will make you look good. Once you are confident about the way a kimono shapes your body, you can go for the more dramatic prints and fabrics.

Use it to your advantage

Why do you like kimono?

If you feel that a kimono is too long and concealing, then one of the ways that you can spice up the outfit is by adding some touches and using it to your advantage. For instance, if you have long legs that need to be displayed, then a long slit is a good way to go. A lower neckline can add a bit of cleavage and spice up the outfit.

The kimono chic outfit is a sweet way to dress that makes you look exotic and attractive at the same time when you get the look right. You only have to look at the pictures here to know what we mean.

Kimono Style Dresses – Find Out Why They Are Such Fun To Wear

Kimono Style Dresses

There are many styles of dressing like the off-shoulder look, the high collar look, the low cut look, the loose cut look, the tight-fitting look, and so on. One of the styles of dresses that are pretty easy to wear and elegant to look at is the Kimono style. Actually, the Kimono is a style of dress that originates in Japan and actually translates to “something to wear.” If you are one of those who believe in dressing casually but looking great, then a kimono style top or dress can be one of the ways to go.

While the kimono traditionally is quite a conservative way of dressing with a high collar and a very particular way of being worn that it is part of the different bridal ways of dressing from across the globe, it has been adapted in many ways today. In fact, the kimono with its’ wide sleeves and modified neckline can also be part of sweetheart maxi dress ideas that you can wear while out and about.

Here Are Some Factors That Make Kimono Style Dresses And Tops Such Fun To Wear:

  • It is really flattering: While a kimono is a garment that in Japan is considered a very formal kind of attire, it can be really feminine to look at. By adding a deeper neckline to a kimono style dress or top, you can be assured that it looks really flattering if you are the slightly top-heavy type. By making the neckline a bit higher, it can be made to look flattering for those who are thinner on top.
  • It is very comfortable: One of the best things about the Kimono style of dresses is that they can be very comfortable. What is there not to like about loose sleeves that allow your torso and arms to breathe and move about freely. You will find it a blessing to wear on a hot day where there are plenty of exertions and activities that you have to go through.
  • The type of material used adds to the charm: Today Kimono style dresses and tops are made in different kinds of material, and each type of material has its own type of charm. A silk one can look really rich and dressy, while a cotton kimono style dress can be really casual and chic. A kimono top or dress made in materials that are sheer can look really hot and sexy. A kimono top with lace and embroidery can look elegant and formal to look at.
  • It suits all body types: Women across the world have body image issues, and this means that they believe that they do not have the perfect body. This drives them to seek ways to ensure that what they believe are the flaws in their body type are concealed. One of the things that can come in handy in such cases is the Kimono style of dressing, as it can work on all body types depending on what material is used and the way it is cut. The placement of the belt in the kimono can create a waistline where there is none or help in making a bosom look smaller or bigger than it is.

Now that you know that wearing a kimono style of dress or top can really look good and feel comfortable, you should look at all the options that will work for you. You will find that it is indeed a good friend when it comes to dressing well and looking good without having to sacrifice any comfort.

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