Sweaters for Women

Sweaters for women range from heavy woolen to silky blends that include soy and bamboo fiber. Short or long, loose or fitted, solid or patterned, retail variety is at its peak just before the weather turns cold.

Sweaters are far from seasonal. Cotton, silk, and bamboo blends are perfect for summer.

Engineered fiber blends help cotton yarn retain its shape through repeated washings.

Long Styles And Open Fronts Are Trendy

The flyaway front updates the classic women’s cardigan sweater, and it provides a glamorous, floaty look midway between the cardigan and sweater coat.

The long sweater coat spans the seasons as an underlayer or a jacket substitute.

How To Cope With Sticker Shock

Be prepared to pay a substantial price if you crave a wool sweater. Wool sweaters are not cheap, and with proper care, they can last for decades.

When you consider some of the pricier and more stylish sweaters for women, remember that you are making a wardrobe investment.

I’ve had one high-quality ski sweater since high school, for example.

Consider Cost Per Wearing

Take the long view. Factor how much the sweater will cost per wearing over time, rather than the price today.

A well-made woolen garment that flatters your body type, feels good, and pleases the eye will complement basic wardrobe items for decades to come.

Engineered fibers, such as acrylic and nylon, sometimes blended with wool, silk, or cotton, also make the prices of sweaters for women more affordable in some instances.

Pointers for Picking A Perfectly Stylish Sweater

When selecting a sweater as a wardrobe basic, consider fit, color, and little details that will make your choice stand out.

A good sweater should last for years. Make sure that it is one you want to keep.

Every expensive wardrobe purchase is an investment; spend your clothing budget wisely.

Do they fit and style flatter your figure?

Fitted sweaters will make every bulge and roll, obviously. Fortunately, sweaters for women come in a wide variety of styles.

Looser boxy patterns are great for hiding figure features you don’t want to show off.

Today’s tunic tops and flyaway-front women’s cardigan sweaters skim the body, creating a feminine silhouette without the dangers of the tight-fitting sweater-girl profile of the 1950s.

The ruffled cardigan adds another distraction if you are looking for ways to flatter an apple-shaped figure.

V-Neckline: How Low Should You Go?

Plunging necklines are in for blouses and sweaters for women, but please consider the occasion and the image you want to project. What happens on TV should stay on TV.

Employers usually do not like a V-neckline that shows cleavage — no matter how many television programs depict this for office wear.

round neckline is a classic choice that is complemented by most jacket and cardigan styles. It also is called a jewel neckline because it is ideal for showing off a pretty necklace or scarf anchored with a brooch.

Pros & Cons of Boat Neckline & Turtleneck

boat neckline can be pretty but should be avoided if you have square shoulders, and the cut-off effect is even more pronounced if you have both a square shoulder and a long, thin neck.

The boat neckline is often seen in horizontally-striped nautical style sweaters for women and tee-shirts.

turtleneck — another style adopted from seamen — can be warm and stylish. If you have a short or thick neck, or a fleshy chin, a mock turtleneck may be a better choice. The high turtleneck will call too much attention to your face, chin, and neck.

A turtleneck is a good choice for hiding neck wrinkles in winter.

Pick Color to Complement Skin, Eyes, & Hair

Does the color flatter your complexion? Can you team the item with many other items in your closet?

charcoal sweater is very au courant – as well a color that is eminently practical, perennially wearable, and mix-and-matchable.

It is a good alternative to a go-everywhere black sweater if your coloring needs a lighter neutral.

Pale colors, flatter light-eyed blonds, and earth tones are good for women with darker skin tones, dark eyes, and hair.

Of course, there are always exceptions. Some women of either skin type look terrific in jewel tones.

Check in a mirror when you are buying new sweaters for women, and pay attention to what color you are wearing when you receive compliments.

Little Details Can Take A Sweater from Bland to Grand

Cable or fancy stitches, a beautiful pattern, a shawl collar, full or dolman sleeves, and unusual buttons or other touches will make your sweater an eye-catching focal point for years to come.

Recent years have seen such details as ribbon trim, ruched rosettes, and other ruched features add elegance to otherwise ordinary sweaters for women.

Appliques, beading, faux necklaces, lace, and fringe are features that will make your choice one that draws compliments, and you will love it for a long time.

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10 Types Of Cutout Sweaters—And What To Wear With Them

Remember that Mean Girls scene in which Cady and her pals sabotage Regina George by snipping strategic holes in her tank top—and the “headlights” look promptly becomes a trend at North Shore High? Well, fear not: tackling cutout tops in real life doesn’t require a girl to bare all, nor does it need to look silly. Done right, baring bits of skin in all the right places is a perfect way to add interest to an otherwise bundled-up look—and yes, contrary to popular opinion, you can wear cutouts well into winter.

Of course, all that depends on whether or not you’re wearing the right layers underneath that peekaboo pullover. Frankly, wearing just a sweater as your lone layer isn’t really realistic for most—especially when temperatures are taking a nosedive. But we’re here to help you out! Click through above to shop 10 different varieties of cutout knits—from sweaters with cold shoulders to those with basically bare backs—as well as the tops you should consider pairing them with.

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