Due to the ever-growing awareness of global warming and other environmental issues, people are now more careful about their carbon footprint. There has been an increase in the supporters of sustainable practices and green initiatives. Whether you go to supermarkets, restaurants, or offices, teams and individuals practice their own efforts to reduce negative impacts on the planet.

If you’re wondering how to join the bandwagon and somehow help the earth heal better, there are many ways that you can do it. Somehow, you can start living a sustainable lifestyle by changing your wardrobe, fashion style, and preferences. The reality is that the fashion industry contributes a lot to pollution, and one way for you to avoid that is by opting for ethical clothes.

You can still look your best and feel guilt-free by applying these guidelines on how to make your closet more sustainable: 

  1. Choose Organic Underwear

When you think about ethical clothing, you probably think about the outer apparel you wear, such as shirts, pants, dresses, shoes, or jackets. However, it also includes your underwear. One way to fully embrace and overhaul your current wardrobe and make it ethical is to go for bamboo underwear. Bamboo boyleg underwear allows you to wear comfortable underwear without feeling guilty about the environmental impacts brought about by its materials and processes.

Scientists and experts have shredded bamboo and other components, and processed it into a very thin and fine yarn called Viscose Rayon. Most would agree that Viscose Rayon is one of the softest threads in the fabric industry, making it an excellent option for underwear. It is also great to be combined with other organic materials like cotton.

Since bamboo can be harvested and grown naturally, this is a more ecological and sustainable way to produce underwear. Due to its fiber and sturdy organic nature, bamboo threads are durable and soft to the skin. That said, it’s time to shift your underwear collection to organic bamboo and help reduce environmental impacts one boyleg at a time.

  1. Consider A Capsule Wardrobe

You probably heard about the capsule wardrobe as many environmentalists and minimalist people have embraced such a system into their lifestyles. If you want to help save the environment, you can adopt a capsule wardrobe filled with ethical clothes. The key is to invest in items you know will serve you well throughout the year. Consider the must-have staple items you need like T-shirts, jeans, a little black dress, coats, jackets, and other versatile clothing pieces.

You can wear clothing staples in different ways. By mixing and matching these ethical clothes, you can still look as stylish as ever without hoarding and wasting money on your clothing purchases. You can build your wardrobe based on the capsule wardrobe concept. Additionally, you can also check out the evolution of eco-footwear and add it to your capsule wardrobe.

You will be able to mix and match your clothes more quickly if you collect neutral-colored pieces. However, you can always add a few pops of colors for your outfits and get-ups, depending on what occasion calls for it. The most important thing is to go for ethical clothes made from durable materials and can flatter your body shape. It’s recommended to buy high-quality pieces from thrift stores, second-hand shops, and sustainable clothing brands. Since you’ll keep wearing them for a long time, it makes sense to prioritize their quality.

  1. Go For Quality Over Quantity

You should invest in quality pieces more than the volume of pants, shirts, and dresses you own. You can have one dress that can be worn in versatile ways, compared to 5 different dresses with the same color but have been sourced out hazardously in their factories. When you buy better quality, more sustainable pieces, you will likely pay more initially, but you’ll realize their cost savings in the long run. 

Go For Quality Over Quantity

Practicing wearing ethical clothing may require pricier spending at first, but you’ll be rewarded with a guilt-less purchasing journey. You can continue using your apparel for so many years and be able to look your best through the different styles to wear them. You can dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of a household by purchasing just a few high-quality items instead of lots of cheaper, less eco-friendly pieces.

  1. Consider Buying Items Made From Recycled Materials

Polyester is not eco-friendly because of the microplastics secreted when you wash them each time. This contributes to environmental pollution everywhere. Therefore, shopping for ethical clothing requires careful consideration of the materials of your clothes. Stay away from synthetic and chemical-dyed fabrics, and go for organic textiles.

However, it’s worth noting that while some materials are organic and natural, you should still ensure that the clothes you’re buying didn’t waste so many resources in their manufacturing process.


Deciding to live a more guilt-free life starts with baby steps. One fantastic initiative you can do to help the earth is to change your wardrobe and go for ethical clothes instead. With the aforementioned tips, you can gradually reduce your carbon footprint and continue looking your best and feeling great.

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