We wore these trends all summer but now that it is September, we are ready for some new fashions.

Summer is drawing to a close. *Sob* It’s the Labor Day weekend, school is starting again, and the days are already getting shorter. While it is always sad to pack away our flip-flops and maxi dresses until next year, it is nice to take a look at the new fall fashions. As much as we loved our summer outfits, they’ve lost their new appeal after spending months wearing them. We’re ready for fresh pieces and an excuse to go shopping again.

These are the fashion trends that we’re ready to say goodbye (for now) to:

1. Shortalls

Summer Fashion Trends We're Ready To Say Goodbye To
(Photo: Topshop)

The overalls trend has lasted longer than many thought it would. Traditional overalls can stay around for the fall, but it’s time for the shortalls to be packed away. They don’t look as good with tights as your skirts do. Plus, they’re probably worn out after you wore them to all the festivals.

2. Cutouts

Missguided Cutout Dress
(Photo: Missguided)

Cutouts have been showing up on every red carpet for what seems like forever. Furthermore, every single store sells at least three dresses with an ab cutout. We don’t have to worry about the awkward tan lines in autumn, but it’s about time designers find some new interesting detail to add (or take out) of dresses.

3. Pool Slides

ASOS Pool Slides
(Photo: ASOS)

Pool slides were easily the shoe of the summer. They were the culottes of footwear. It’s obviously time to retire them before your toes get frostbite and turn purple. Plus, we do not need to see pool slides and socks become a thing. Let’s save that for the runway shows only.

4. Fringe

H&M Tank Top With Fringe
(Photo: H&M)

The MTV Video Music Awards featured enough fringe to last us for awhile. Fringe is great for festivals, but it doesn’t exactly look good with the snow, especially if you’re talking about fringed suede. This is a trend that is best left for the warmer months.

5. Crop Tops

Zara Crop Top
(Photo: Zara)

Crop tops have been everywhere for ages. Hopefully, fall will provide us with some other shirt lengths. It doesn’t have to be as drastic as a tunic, but crop tops have taken over. They are everywhere you look. It’s time we give them a rest and remember that there are other shirt lengths.

6. the ’90s

Bohoo Plaid Shirt
(Photo: Boohoo)

The 1990′s has so much fashion inspiration, but there are many other fashionable decades. What about the mods of the 1960′s? What about the pure glamour of the 1930′s? Your plaid shirts and chokers and probably getting a bit worn out by now, so it’s time to draw inspiration from another era.

7. Bra Tops

Nasty Gal Bra Top
(Photo: Nasty Gal)

The bra top is the crop top’s sister, and it has become almost as popular. Similar to the crop top, it’s a great summer style, but it has been overplayed. Unless they come up with a bra top in a completely new silhouette, let’s look at other types of tops. Maybe it’s time to bring back the corset top?

8. Pineapples

ModCloth Pineapple Dress
(Photo: ModCloth)

Pineapples have been the fruit of choice since last summer. With summer ending, a lot of fruits go out of season, and pineapple clothing should go along with them. It would look a bit odd to be wearing a colorful pineapple print when it is 13 degrees outside. Plus, why can’t we show some other fruits some love?

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