Stylish Dress Trends for Fall Wedding Guests To Wear

Weddings are the perfect time to get dressed up and let loose. It provides an opportunity to let out your inner fashionista. If you’ve been behind on trends, you may struggle to figure out what to wear to a fall wedding. These are a few stylish dress trends for wedding guests to wear.


Leather is always in style for fall, but this year it’s edgier and more sophisticated. However, go faux for a less costly and sustainable option. Opt for a little black leather dress for a refreshing take on a classic. You can also pair a jewel-toned gown with a chic leather jacket to stay warm after the sun sets. Or you can wear a leather skirt with a leather crop top for a trendy fall wedding outfit.

Sleeved Dresses

Fall is the perfect time to wear sleeves. The temperatures are beginning to drop, especially after the sun sets. You’ll be looking for more warmth, and sleeved dresses will provide it. There are plenty of sleeve lengths to choose from on the market. There’s three-quarter length, cap sleeves, puffed sleeves, flouncy sleeves, full sleeves, and more. However, ensure you find a length that you’ll feel comfortable dancing in all night long.

Deep V-Neckline

An adventurous and chic trend to try is a plunging neckline. Plunging necklines provide a perfect backdrop to show off your accessories. Additionally, it’s ideal for necklaces and drop earrings because you’re already drawing your eye up with the neckline. Wear a deep v-neckline in a gorgeous fall-colored dress to drive home the autumn vibe.

Pro Accessory Tip

Ensure that you pick a dress with a simple pattern or solid color to let your accessories shine.

Maxi Dresses and Skirts

Floor-skimming hemlines are on trend for 2022. They’re elegant, simple, and fabulous for any wedding you’ll attend this fall. Pair a maxi dress with a beautiful blazer or shawl. Plus, the long silhouettes will look stunning as you twirl away on the dance floor.

However, ensure you try on the dress with your shoes before the event. Otherwise, you could end up with a length that’s too long. You want to avoid tripping and falling over your gown throughout the night.

Let your creativity fly by considering the above dress trends for fall wedding guests. Any of these ideas will ensure a wonderful evening where you look your best.

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