Stylish Accessories that Will Make Your 2022 Outfit Rock

There’s a fine line between a fashionista and a fashion victim. Thankfully, it can be easier to make sure you sit on the right side of that dividing line in the digital age, and we are here to make sure you tread that dividing line effectively.

Every season brings with it a fresh selection of trends and crazes that you can try to follow, but in reality, doing so can prove incredibly taxing and very expensive. That’s where accessories can make your life much easier.

While fashion gurus and experts in the field come up with a selection of great outfits that will go perfect for the coming season, it may be a lot simpler to try to adjust your wardrobe by using accessories as the key ingredient.

That way, you can use a handful of stylish accessories that will help to either complement the clothes you already have in your closet or as part of a whole new look you are trying to perfect.

Here are a number of top accessories that are destined to be huge in 2022.

Personalized Jewelry

Top Accessories Trends: Personalized Jewelry

Stars like Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and even royalty, such as the Duchess of Cambridge (or Kate Middleton if you prefer), can’t get enough of the custom-made jewelry trend, and it proved so popular in 2021 that it’s still hot in 2022. So if you missed the train last year, you are not too late to get on board.

Personalized jewelry is the perfect combination of luxury, as you would associate with stylish items of jewelry as a whole, with the statement and sentiment that comes from a piece that has a unique value and priceless meaning to its wearer. In this way, you can wear an elegant accessory that is not only visually pleasing but also has something to say that’s deeply personal to you.

Big Cozy Tote Bags

Big Cozy Tote Bags

Big was in last year, and the oversized market continues to have a part to play in 2022 accessory trends. We highly recommend getting a large tote bag, but the push this year is a more comfy look, large but padded, something that you can get lost in.

This item is both functional and decorative and perfect for those who can’t leave for the office without a million items in their handbags. The move here is to be less ordered and pristine in its look and feel; the totes that will be big in 2022 (both literally and figuratively) will be ones that are built for purpose and comfort. It’s an accessory that will be of great use for the year to come.

Platform Shoes

Platform Shoes

This is an accessory trend that some will have issues with. Platform shoes are a very niche item that you either love or loathe, but the key here is to get a style and height that suits you and not for you to conform to a fashion trend that is frankly so uncomfortable that it defeats the purpose.

Most fashionistas are pushing very high platforms but go with what works for you but do go for it as it’s a look that can go in many directions. If you are a quirky type, then your choice of footwear can be more ‘out there,’ but there are also more ‘sensible’ solutions to cracking this fashion trend.

Flowery Fashions

How to Wear Floral Pants
(Photo Credit: Instagram via @thiswiththis).

When it comes to prints, we can tell you that old-fashioned flowery styles will be back in for 2022, which is great for those leaning towards retro fashions. Consider using this as a basis for your general selection of accessories.

For instance, why not get yourself a couple of great floral head scarves which can be worn in a bunch of ways and are easily stored in your big tote bag. The idea here is to add a playful touch to any outfit, be that a work ensemble or a more showy nighttime outfit for meeting the girls or going on a date.

Tasteful Timepiece

Tasteful Timepiece

There is a sense that wearing a watch is now obsolete, and even if that is the case, which it isn’t, there is another reason for wearing a classic timepiece, and that reason is fashion. So why not get yourself a sophisticated wrist watch to help complete your look? You’d be surprised how adaptable such an item can be when it comes to pairing with outfits.

Also, don’t feel the need to spend massive sums on a name brand as you can pick up great watches offered by most fashion outlets. Depending on where the mood takes you, you can either go for a burst of color or a more reserved approach.

Layered Chains

Layered Chains

As far as jewelry accessory trends go, this is one we can get behind. There’s something effortless about this look. Here you just need to partner your necklaces together and, in doing so, create a beautiful layering effect that is sumptuous.

You can either use this as part of a punky, perhaps even goth, style outfit or the finishing touches for a power outfit for the office. Here it’s all about attitude, and therefore you’ll need to make sure that the choice of clothing that goes with your layered chains goes in parallel. 


Outfits with Gloves ideas

Winter is still very much with us, depending on where you are in the globe, and the push towards stylish gloves is one we can get behind. There are a number of ways to tackle this style choice. 

Perhaps some old-school opera gloves, which you can locate in good thrift stores, or maybe you want to splash out on some colorful Prada handwear. We are very much in favor of this definitive, ageless fashion trend, and we are very glad it’s making a comeback for 2022.

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